CSÖKE embraces love and delivers another hit of dreamy pop in ‘I THINK I’M FALLING’

Sydney songwriter CSÖKE returns to the spotlight with a captivating new single ‘I Think I’m Falling’. In this new track she navigates lyrical territory centred on vulnerability, and being open to new experiences and creative influences.  
I found it hard to let people in, even myself. I was scared to let someone love me, be vulnerable and allow myself the possibility of having my heart broken. I had myself for so long, I got used to having my guard up and only relying on myself. The idea of relying on someone else freaked me out. 

‘I Think I’m Falling’ was recorded and produced at multi-instrumentalist and producer Chelsea Warner’s home studio in Sydney, before being sent to Tahlia-Rose Coleman for mastering at 301 Studios. Unlike previous releases, this emotional new single from CSÖKE has an all female team working on the release. ‘I Think I’m Falling’ brings heart and soul together with Chelsea’s production flair; a musical touch similar to artists such as Tove LoKehlani, and Dua Lipa.

“I wrote this track with Chelsea Warner. Her presence made me feel super calm to talk a bit about how I was feeling and I was scared I had lost the ability to write songs. We decided to write a song about the total opposite thing I was feeling at the time and write about that first realisation of falling in love, that first hit of emotion you feel, the “Oh shit” and the struggle I felt in my own experience of falling in love and pushing down my walls and allowing myself to feel things.
It was a silver lining of what was going on in my life, when life felt like it was falling apart I was also falling in love for what felt like the first time.” CSÖKE

For her dreamy new video directed by Stephanie Jewell & Vendulka WitchkaCSÖKE wanted less of a script and more of a feeling. She wanted viewers to empathize with the first emotion of “when you realise you’re falling in love and those first initial butterflies, giddy and feeling carefree.”

“For the video I ran down Chinatown which ended up being an amazing experience. I did a few takes till a group of ladies came up all dressed in red for Chinese new year and Ven walked right up and asked them to be in the video to which they were happy too. It ended up being so beautiful with them waving their red scarves & lanterns. They honestly stole the show. The whole experience felt like a movie scene.
This video took myself right out of my comfort zone and did something I don’t normally do when I didn’t feel the best but I guess that’s kind of what this song is about.  I just want people to feel good whilst listening to it.  Even if it’s getting secondhand embarrassment from me.”