SAMETIME find their sound with ‘Bitter Taste’

SAMETIME are multi-instrumentalists Sunshine Coast brothers Tim and Sam Aitken. Their new single ‘Bitter Taste’ showcases the duo taking another step forward to a mature pop sound, but not forgetting their love of synth melodies and anthemic hooks.

“We spent most of 2020 in lockdown writing about going out and getting sloshed with our mates probably because we weren’t able to actually do it. We’re now refreshed and we’re back to writing about relationships like everyone else but with our own twists and turns. ‘Bitter Taste’ is about the lust for someone you don’t particularly like, someone that annoys you, someone you would usually steer clear of.” SAMETIME
The band made the decision to release as much music as possible after releasing their current EP ‘Maybe We Can Get High?’ which was widely praised by fans and industry. ‘Bitter Taste’ was mixed by friend and collaborator Cam Robertson (Glades) who is based in Sydney, and mastered by Bruno Gruel.

 After only the second day of writing ‘Bitter Taste’ via Zoom with Cam Robertson who incidentally has a staggering 200million plus streams to his name, SAMETIME soon realised that they had discovered a new pop sound.

After that day of writing we both walked away happy with what we had come up with but it never crossed our mind that we would release it. It was around midnight, 2 weeks after the session when we got an email from Cam. We raced out to the studio and chucked it on and by the second chorus we were all jumping up and down chanting “Cam is a genius!”. After a couple of days of revisions and vocal tracking the song was complete. ‘Bitter Taste’ is your first taste 😉 of what is to come so fasten your seatbelts, shits about to get real.” Despite their years (Tim, 22 and Sam, 19) they have spent the last 10 years developing a reputation as one of the Sunny Coast`s hardest working acts busking every weekend, and fine tuning their songwriting craft. In 2017 Sametime signed a long term publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing
The duo have been playing shows in support of their current EP ‘Maybe We Can Get High?’, with their final show this Saturday, October 30 at the Valley Fiesta Festival, The Wickham in Brisbane.