Inklines Returns with Sophisticated and Nostalgic Indie Alt-Rock EP ‘Today’

Sydney’s Inklines delivers a sonically dynamic and cohesive alt-rock EP, ‘Today’ featuring lead single ‘Real Life’. An emotive combination of power-packed sounds, smouldering vocals and sophisticated cohesion, this EP marks a moment of creative progression and maturity for the band. 

For this EP, the boys of Inklines, bunkered down in an airbnb just outside of Goulburn for a 3-day recording blitz. Disconnected from the city, Inklines fully leant into the creative oasis of the dedicated recording space. Sonically, this resulted in an EP that is marked by its cohesion, with each song masterfully complementing one another.

From this, Lachlan West (Walk The Moon, Gordi, The Vines) skillfully mixed and mastered the tracks, bringing them to all their glory.

“We decided to change things up for this recording, so instead of the usual recording studio setting, we booked an AirBnB (a little place called Pelican Homestead), set up all our gear in one of the bedrooms, and smashed out as much recording as we possibly could over 3 days. Choosing to lay the tracks down this way allowed us to put as much time as we needed into each individual element of the songs, and took any time pressure we normally experience off our shoulders. Top it off with an amazing location, and it was a weekend we will not be forgetting anytime soon.” 

 Since their inception in 2017, Inklines have moved from strength to strength. Their debut EP ‘Willing and Able’ introduced the band with unbridled passion and energy that, mixed with the cohesion of the band members, produced a sophisticated and refined sound. From there, their 2020 sophomore EP ‘Book Club’ distilled all the strengths of the previous release as they gained confidence in their creative progression and tapped into wistful introspection. Now, they return with a well-earned reputation for constantly delivering powerful alt-rock sounds that directly pierces the heart with full and rich vocals.

Not just a sonically rich song, but lead single ‘Real Life’ also showcases the strength of Inklines as a band. Each member works in perfect harmony with one another, not just as members of the same band, but as friends. The accompanying music video is a testament to this, showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of the recording process. After watching it you’ll be certain of three things; they make really great music, they’re really great friends, and you’ll want to watch it again.