Acchy unleashes high-energy single ‘Never Falling In Love Again’

Acchy’s latest single, ‘Never Falling in Love Again’ is a much anticipated follow up to previous singles ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Baddie’. Crackling with energy, this track is a cathartic channeling of the fresh pain of recent heartbreak. A punchy 90s pop-punk instrumentation underpins this fiery single with modern trap influences guiding the energetic melodies from Acchy. The vulnerability and boldness of this track will make you reminisce on the frustrations of young love.

Produced, mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator, Sloth Production Records (Melbourne), ‘Never Falling In Love Again’ once again showcases Acchy’s undeniable passion and energy he brings to every release. The rough-cut, middle-finger energy of the lyrics is skillfully smoothed and complemented by the slick production value brought by SLoth.

“‘Never Falling in Love Again’ was my way of breaking free from the negativity surrounding a past breakup. I want people to fly down the highway screaming the words and forget about that toxic ex you wish you never met.” Acchy

Acchy is quickly establishing himself as a supreme storyteller. He champions his relatability by exploring and navigating complex and relatable issues such as mental health, addiction and trauma. By creating a platform centered around honesty, authenticity and vulnerability, Acchy has made a name for himself as someone who isn’t daunted by the stigmas and difficulties of unpacking complex issues. 

Acchy has spent the past couple of years releasing punchy singles in an instantly identifiable sound. The string of releases over this past year prove the undeniably fountain of creativity, dedication and hard work that is this fledgling artist. Fully undeterred by the difficulties of the past year, Acchy channels his frustrations into powerful and energetic releases.