Lost Woods return with rousing new single ‘Sleep’

Making their return with a charged up and reinvigorated approach to music, Adelaide indie rock group Lost Woods releases ‘Sleep’.

The song is the band’s first official release since 2019, and is a strong return to form: it’s a captivating and rousing track that has the group’s dynamism on full display.

As the first Lost Woods single to be released with musicians Lucas and Miles Sly in the band, ‘Sleep’ is more than just a new release for the group; it’s a marker point of a brand new chapter.

The addition of the brothers’ talents into an already established sound has simply bolstered the central Lost Woods vibe – one powered by soaring vocals and melodies, as well as sharp indie pop and rock influences.

For songwriter Peter White, the band’s new single comes from a personal space; a bout of insomnia eventually inspiring the lyrics.

“I was having insomnia and not sleeping and dreaming. It made me realise that dreaming has been a refuge for my chaotic, unsatisfied and unfulfilled life. My reliance on this escape has created a distance in my relationships and I was sleepwalking through life.

Musically, we tried to create a more high energy sound, something that’s more reflective of our live sound than our previous EP, while trying to maintain some introspective moments, with a spacious atmosphere too.”Peter White, Lost Woods


Saturday 29th May Jive Adelaide
with My Cherie, Ollie English