The Sea Gypsies unveil their brand new single ‘Daydream’

The Sea Gypsies return to the spotlight after a 2 year hiatus releasing their new single ‘Daydream’ today. Their new offering will show a side The Sea Gypsies fans are yet to see, all the while honouring their musical roots.

Speaking to the inspiration behind ‘Daydream’, the band says, “Daydream is a love song, without being an ‘in-your-face’ love song. On the surface, the lyrics are indicative of our vocalist’s (Luke Marlin) relationship experiences, however, the music leaves the listener feeling as though this song is built upon layers of relational failures and triumphs.”

The Sea Gypsies have been favourites on the Australian music scene for a number of years. Their debut album ‘Movements’, cemented the band’s reputation as emotive and charming songwriters.

Before Covid slowed down the live music scene last year, the band were selling out shows along the East Coast and securing excellent reviews as an engaging live act.