Plastic Face release new single and video ‘Back2Tokyo’

Experimental Sydney-based duo Plastic Face (Pete Stals and Will Coleman) have today announced their dark, mysterious new single BACK2TOKYO.

An exploration of how it feels to fall backwards into old habits, being an inner critic and finally getting yourself back onto the path to ecstasy.  The enigmatic duo have also released a spooky and intriguing Lynchian video to accompany the track, written and directed by Sean Donovan. 

Like their previous single HiiViSiON, BACK2TOKYO makes an immediate impact – but this time the atmosphere is provocative, moody; the kind of track you might hear at 4AM on the dancefloor of an exclusive European nightclub. 

Entirely self-written, produced and mixed by the duo, the topline for BACK2TOKYO is undeniably hooky, and that’s the reliable thing about Plastic Face – they’re always pushing the boundaries of what pop/dance music can be, while also ensuring that their melodies are catchy and their songs are compelling you to press play again. 

BACK2TOKYO is accompanied by a dramatic and captivating video – dive deep into the murky underground where cool tones prevail as the camera meanders through an eerie house, and follows a shadowy figure performing what could be described as witchcraft…but as Plastic Face emphasise, it’s all up to the viewer’s interpretation.