Melbourne artist Cantrips return with new track ‘Goodbye Yesterday’

Embracing a new year of music and creativity, Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Cantrips releases his latest single, ‘Goodbye Yesterday’.

Leaning further into some rich songwriting skills that bring out a gorgeous combination of surf-rock and psychedelic grooves, Cantrips (aka Patrick Ryan) has demonstrated how his sonic scope has broadened through 2020 with ‘Goodbye Yesterday’.

In a year that was unprecedented and unpredictable for many, Cantrips kept busy and continued to release music throughout 2020.

His two singles – ‘Off With His Head’ and ‘Don’t Open The Bag’ – were exciting new additions to the building Cantrips body of work and with his latest, the artist is striving forward.

Elements of nostalgia and bittersweet moments of self-awareness are prominent in Cantrips’ lyricism on ‘Goodbye Yesterday’. With the majority of the track written and recorded in his Thornbury home studio, Cantrips took the opportunity to dive deep into his love for instrumentation and production here; the final result being a layered and textured piece of music marked by his individualism.

As a performer, Ryan has had years of experience in touring behind him as he developed the Cantrips solo project. Having performed extensively with psych-rock band Sofala until 2019, his love for music in both its studio and live forms runs deep. In the creation of Cantrips, Ryan has been able to chase his own unique vision for music and writing, celebrating it in its intricacy and different forms.

Creating his own independent label too in Dune Castle Records, Cantrips is kicking off a new creative era. ‘Goodbye Yesterday’ is significant in this important formative time for the artist, laying down the foundations for an exciting year ahead.