Who is VINNY? The Melbourne trio return with new single ‘FIRE’

Armed with infectious bass lines and vocal swagger that is intriguing as it is seductive, Melbourne trio VINNY return with brand new single, ‘Fire’. As their second release for the year, the group have taken a deep dive into some sharp and edgy rock vibes, flecked out with funk and indie influences.

‘Fire’ is the perfect starting point for newcomers to the VINNY sound and with its release, the band says ‘Welcome’; let the music wrap you up as you get your head around who this band is at their core.

And who is VINNY at their core? Self described as forming from ‘the pits of a dark neon lit disco church’, the band is vocalist/percussionist Josh Aubry, guitarist/synths player Jim Stirton and guitarist Tony Clay.

Together, the band’s influences range from hedonistic images of a Studio 54 mythology, the seedy dancefloors of Melbourne’s clubs and slick sorts of soundtracks that can only be found in Spaghetti Westerns. The music’s over the top and drenched in grooves and tight in its delivery, testament to the band’s history of writing and performing with one another.

Debut track ‘Chaos’ was released back in May and it was just as the title indicated; a hectic way for VINNY to make their presence known. ‘Fire’ takes things a step further, giving the listener an outlet to let their hair down and immerse themselves in the melodies and confident arrangement.