Sydney indie pop artist ASTRALS weaves magic with new single ‘Daylight Drip’

For Sydney songwriter and performer Claire Simpson aka ASTRALS, music is a way to escape and to explore some wonderful sonic realms that match a vibrant imagination.

With her new single ‘Daylight Drip’, ASTRALS has written a dream pop track that evokes hope and glimmering times ahead as we make our way back to normal life.

Her third release for 2020, ‘Daylight Drip’ is a bright fusion of breathy vocals, 90’s inspired guitar vibes and clean production that captures the restless sense of the lyrics and music, delivering both in a crisp and cohesive way.

For ASTRALS, ‘Daylight Drip’ ties into her life navigating COVID this year; an unpredictable year that has forced her to face uncertainty and indecision head on.

Working with videographer Tim Cheeseman on the ‘Daylight Drip’ music video, ASTRALS headed to locations up at Harrington and Crowdy Head on the NSW mid-north coast to film. The result has a great DIY feel about it, matching the nostalgic tone of the music.

 Developing her sound over the last three years has given ASTRALS the chance to solidify her sonic identity as one that is fresh and contemporary, while bringing her love for shoegaze and slightly grungy sounds through with finesse.

As ‘Daylight Drip’ shows, ASTRALS is a talented fresh face on the Sydney scene, and one that we’ll be seeing and hearing more from as we enter the New Year.