New Zealand’s Hot Donnas release new EP, THE ADVENTURES OF E-WAN

Fresh off the back of the release of their fired up single ‘Two Brains’, Dunedin-based rock group Hot Donnas release their new EP, The Adventures of E-WAN.

Across six tracks, the EP dives into a rich blend of indie, grunge and surf-rock sounds that provides a definitive picture of the band Hot Donnas have flourished into over their last year of performing, writing and recording.

Recorded at Radio 1 Studios in Dunedin, The Adventures of E-WAN has been in the can for some time now, however because of the curveballs the music industry was thrown this year its release had to be pushed back to November.

For the band though, the record is long-lasting in its impact and quality; this is a statement of intent from Hot Donnas. An introduction to some, and an exciting update for fans who have been with them since their 2017 debut album, Greek Yoghurt.

Where October’s ‘Two Brains’ single gave listeners an insight into the energy of The Adventures of E-Wan, we see Hot Donnas’ dynamic presence and strong group identity come through right throughout the other five tracks. Layered guitars and percussion meet expert production (‘Miss Season’, ‘Tube Socks’), while grit and attitude are matched well by refined songwriting chops (‘Beach’, ‘Type A’).

Hot Donnas are always at their best when they’re sharing ideas and exploring new ideas and The Adventures of E-Wan was no different an experience. More collaborative than ever, the band engaged each other’s ideas openly and with the added input of engineer Steven MarrThe Adventures of E-Wan presents itself as a tight snapshot of Hot Donnas operating at full force.

The EP is Hot Donnas at their most creative for sure, and also serves as an exciting update to where the band is at as a collective, primed to return to live stages. The progression heard on this EP is a natural one and sits well alongside the band’s previous releases