Django Django unveil MGMT remix of ‘Spirals’

The mesmerising single ‘Spirals’ heralded the dazzling return of Django Django, a brilliant call to arms which was both infectious and rousing, emphasising the fact that that which connects us all is ultimately stronger than that which divides us. 

Now we have a speaker rattling leviathan of a remix by none other than psych-pop wizards MGMT, who take the basic foundations of the track and spin it off into another direction entirely, creating a deep, low-slung, funky trip into the cosmos.

Where the original was a tightly coiled blast of pop perfection, MGMT unravel it gloriously and turn it into a delirious, majestic sprawl, complete with galloping beats, shimmering synths and cathedral bells, a luxurious reupholstering of the track that needs to be heard to be believed, and is accompanied by a retina scorching visual by Gemma Yin Taylor.