Introducing: Beehive PR Sport

What is Beehive PR Sport?

In 2020, Beehive PR expanded from music and entertainment publicity into the world of extreme sport. Under Beehive PR Sport, we are now working with a building roster of athletes in the surf, snow and skate worlds!

As with our approach to music and entertainment PR, Beehive PR Sport campaigns are centred on getting the best results for each individual client.

For Sammie Anschau, Beehive PR’s Queen Bee, surfing has been a passion of hers for years now. Inspiration to branch out into this world came naturally.

It’s been on my mind for a few years, but I remember watching Bells Beach 2019. The waves were huge and you had 2019 world champ Italo Ferreira almost in tears at the ordeal he had just suffered in a heat (being swept onto rocks and needing water safety assist). I was just thinking, “These athletes deserve way more credit than they are getting!”

Who Do You Engage With?

We engage with both online and print publications, visual media (including sport filmmakers and television productions), as well as relevant radio content-makers to achieve a diverse portfolio of coverage.

As Sammie says, the passion behind each project must come across with each campaign. Bringing these elite athletes more exposure across different media and platforms drives Beehive PR Sport and already, our clients are being covered by some significant placeholder names in Sports Media.

We want people to know that we truly specialize in both and are very passionate about both. We know these worlds inside and out, we are not taking a punt, we are passionate and dedicated to each field. 

I’m excited to see all the talent that is unearthed from BL Blast Off, and Both Mahina Maeda and Vahine Fierro have huge years ahead of them in 2021 – they  are phenomenal talents and I can’t wait to see what is in store for them!

Why Sport?

Well, it’s simple – we love it! Living and working in Australia, a country that has such a strong sporting identity, Beehive PR has been keen to enter this field for some time.

While at present, we are building in these three realms of extreme sport, our presence in Sports PR is already yielding great results. Putting the spotlight on some of the emerging stars of the sport as well as its legends ties in with our love for their athleticism and achievements.

I mean how many surfers can you think of off the top of your head? Most likely two – Kelly Slater & Mick Fanning. These athletes battle death defying waves (and animals) and have to train in completely inconsistent terrain and be able to surf all different kinds of waves that require different skills sets.

They are the ultimate athlete – how are they not household names?!
Sammie Anschau