Sydney indie trio Grids & Dots return with lush new single ‘The Great Divide’

First introducing themselves last year with the sweeping shoegaze infused dream-pop track ‘Never Change’, Sydney band Grids & Dots are back with new music for 2020.

Their latest single, ‘The Great Divide’ continues to establish the group as a dynamic musical trio; utilising a strong handle on their influences in creating a sound completely theirs.

Though it is a track about connections, loss and absence, ‘The Great Divide’ is a song filled with warmth. Rhythmic and rich in vocals and harmonies, it’s a striking release from Grids & Dots, who are charging ahead for the second half of the year.

Recorded at Hercules Street Studios in Surry Hills with Wayne Connolly (Paul Dempsey, Boy and Bear), ‘The Great Divide’ came together later in their sessions together, but became a strong frontrunner. 

“Wayne liked the demo so much that he insisted we get it down along with the other songs. The band was completely unprepared for it at the time, and we worked a lot of the rhythm section parts and song structure out on the spot in the studio. Nevertheless, Wayne was right and we thought it sounded sweet and dreamy enough to be our second single.” Grids & Dots

The song itself has a sad and nostalgic tone to the lyrics, as Carmen Minikus and Daniel Handaru’s voices weave dreamily around one another. ‘The Great Divide’ is a look into relationships gone wrong, and the journey back to finding yourself. 

Catch Grids & Dots…

With ‘The Great Divide’ marking their first release for 2020, Grids & Dots will be returning to performing (in an online sense, anyway) in September. Supporting fellow Sydney shoegaze lovers Trillion, Grids & Dots will be featuring on a special livestreamed show on September 13th.