MAJAK DOOR kick off new chapter with ‘DON’T LET ME DOWN EASY’

Solidifying their place as one of Melbourne’s most exciting groups with the release of their debut album in 2021, MAJAK DOOR wasted no time in jumping on the momentum of the self-titled effort.

Touring relentlessly across Australia, refining their already engaging performance style as headliners and also supporting a wide range of artists including WAVVES, TEENAGE DADS, DICE, OLD MERVS and more, MAJAK DOOR have grown their profile exponentially in recent years.

2024 is the year when the band kicks things into a new gear, announcing their sophomore studio album, FANTASY CAMP. The album, to be released July 5, is set to be a highly anticipated Australian release for the second half of the year.

Coming off the back of a string of popular singles in 2023 – ‘JASMINE’, ‘FEEL GOOD MAN’, ‘BORDERLINEthe album’s arrival is one that serves a fitting payoff for those fans who have been watching MAJAK DOOR’s progression from the beginning. And for newcomers, this is the perfect time to join the family.

In the meantime however, MAJAK DOOR have given fans their first taste of the album, with the dynamic new single, ‘DON’T LET ME DOWN EASY’. Recorded by the band at their home studio in Balwyn, Victoria, the single shows MAJAK DOOR operating at a refreshed and new creative peak. 

Working with NOLAN THIES (Blonde Redhead, Deerhunter) and MIKEY YOUNG on mixing and mastering, ‘Don’t Let Me Down Easy’ came together in a safe and familiar space for MAJAK DOOR – the essence of the band’s chemistry never far from the fore, with this single (and the rest of the new album), the listener hears the group pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

The track was recorded at our little home studio in Balwyn, which has been the place we’ve recorded and demoed most of our stuff since around the beginning of 2022, and even where we’ve worked on tracks that were born as far back as 2021. 

Recording at home is a bit of a blessing and a curse, it’s a joy having constant access to the studio to try and capture something… though from time to time, it can feel like there’s no excuse not to capture the perfect take, which can result in a negative feedback loop.

Trying to get better at letting things be and moving forward, realising that if you’re trying to aim for “the perfect take” you’re just chasing the dragon. Sometimes the first initial conception of the idea is the best… sometimes it’s rough as. You never know…” MAJAK DOOR