Spicy Lemons immortalise the carefree spirit of early teens with new single ‘Matt’s Place’

Today, Spicy Lemons, the indie-punk-folk fusion band from Central Coast NSW return with their latest single, a vibrant and energetic track titled ‘Matt’s Place’. Inspired by the joyous memories of carefree adolescence, this reflective new single paints the picture of looking back on simpler times spent with your best friends.

“Matt’s Place is a joyful, energetic tune about the carefree time of being 13. Our friend Matt used to have these awesome parties each year that became the one event you couldn’t miss, and these nights to us really summed up everything that was great about being in your early teens. Your parents would drive because it was too early for your P’s, you didn’t have a job to go to the next morning and perhaps the biggest responsibility you had was making sure the bins went out on bin night. .” – SPICY LEMONS

Musically, ‘Matt’s Place’ represents a milestone for Spicy Lemons, who have spent the last few years blending their indie, punk, and folk influences into a signature sound.

“We really ran wild with the wit and untamed energy on this track”, says the band. “We feel like we are not made to be a completely serious band, so we dive headfirst into turning the little jokes and things that make us smile into these fun and jovial songs like Matt’s Place”. 

The journey to ‘Matt’s Place’ began with a nostalgic rediscovery of old recordings from the band’s early days.

 “One particular riff stood out — a jolly banjo melody that encapsulated the spirit of our beginnings. That riff became the backbone of ‘Matt’s Place.'” – SPICY LEMONS

Recorded at the Grove Studios in mid/late 2023 with producer ConnorMassey (Spinning Cupids, Mr. Industry, Deadshowws) and mastered by JackNigro (Rum Jungle, DMAs, Pacific Avenue), ‘Matt’s Place’ effortlessly captures the raw energy and authenticity of a live performance, a performance that you might witness at Matt’s place. 


Friday, May 10th The Link & Pin Woy Woy, NSW
Supporting Lemon Joe

Sunday, May 12th The Northgong Hotel Wollongong, NSW 

Monday, June 19th The Hamilton Station Hotel Newcastle, NSW
Supporting Stoney Dubs