Perth’s Shorehaven drop their debut EP, Milly’s Car Ride

Boorloo / Perth indie pop & rock outfit Shorehaven today unveil their debut EP; Milly’s Car Ride. Described by the band as “a rollercoaster of emotion,” the record explores some of the many facets and experiences around love and relationships across six stunning tracks, amounting to what is overall a beautifully-performed and incredibly well-produced debut.

“Each individual track, despite representing different ideas / perspectives about love and heartbreak, work together to build the overarching story of a failing relationship.”  SHOREHAVEN

Following the path of a relationship as it turns from sweet and bewitching to sour and broken, Milly’s Car Ride presents in phases.

The playful energy of ‘Tangelo’, with elements of ska shining through its bouncing guitar melodies, lays the groundwork of a honeymoon period; it’s cheeky, it’s sweet, it’s fun. Arriving closely alongside we have ‘Feminine’, whose similar themes of the joys of finding excitement and comfort with a new partner round off the sunny entrance to the EP’s story.

In ‘Circles’, however, the band express that “the tides start to turn as strings are attached and feelings turn sour.” As the bitterness starts its course, we see the relationship start to lose the playful ease of the opening tracks, leaning further instead into a grittier sound, with more emphasis on percussion and some seriously catchy guitar riffs.

Onwards then, to ‘Sun-Kissed Love’ and ‘Waves’, where the rot sets in, with all last bits of romantic energy giving way to heartbreak, as the relationship inevitably tumbles off-course.

In its closing and title track, ‘Milly’s Car Ride’, which the band recently released as the lead single for the EP, the journey finds its resolution; “‘Milly’s Car Ride’ ties the story together with the song’s energetic take on heartbreak and moving on, despite the understanding that the relationship has failed.” There is desire and torment present in the track, but a sense of acceptance and peace, too.

Having worked on the EP for around 2 years leading up to its release, Shorehaven were sure to put every last ounce of time, effort and passion they had into getting the record just right. On their process, the band have said:
“It took many rehearsal and writing sessions since our formation in early 2022 to come up with this list of tracks. The formation of each track is entirely unique; some songs are written entirely and are more complete than others when brought to the band (such as ‘tangelo’), other tracks are merely just ideas or riffs to which we developed as a band (such as ’sun-kissed love’). Once we were comfortable with the songs and had rehearsed them well, we slowly but surely got to work in the studio to bring them to where they are today”  SHOREHAVEN
Shorehaven, who have previously performed at the 2024 Pollen Fest, sharing the stage with Pacific Avenue, Death By Denim and Dulcie, have also supported bands such as Drax Project, Dear Sunday and LATE 90s.

In celebration of their debut EP, Shorehaven are now set to hit stages around their home state of Western Australia, bringing their dynamic, high-energy live show to local venues across May and June:
“We will be bringing a whole new level of energy to this EP tour, with another hit all-ages headline at The Y HQ, our very first over 18 headline shows including Indian Ocean Hotel, our first regional headline show at The Prince Hotel in Bunbury. Fresh sets, fresh feeling, this tour is gonna be something to remember.”  SHOREHAVEN


Friday May 24th The Prince Hotel Bunbury RSVP
Friday May 31st The Y HQ Leederville (all ages) TICKETS
Saturday June 1st Indian Ocean Hotel Scarborough TICKETS