Gia Darcy drops ‘Next Life’, off her forthcoming EP

Sydney dream-pop princess Gia Darcy has just dropped her shimmery new single ‘Next Life’, a song dedicated to her best friend, and the importance of platonic love.

In the song, Gia portrays the powerful notion that love within a friendship “can be just as, or even more, impactful and expansive than romantic”  love, conveying the pure and wholesome beauty of a best friend who sees you through thick and thin, with unwavering patience and loyalty:
“When I lost my grandmother, my best friend was the first to be by my side, just as I was there to celebrate when she landed her dream job. These types of friends see it all, and they’ve got your back through thick and thin. “Next Life” is a tribute to this type of friendship that’s incredibly strong, and almost unbreakable. It’s about embracing that wild ride with them, knowing that no matter what life throws their way, you’ll always have each other’s backs.”  GIA DARCY

An energetic hit of alt-pop goodness produced by Liam Quinn (Ruel, Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Peach PRC), ‘Next Life’, taken from an upcoming EP from the Sydney artist, has the mood of a late night, high-speed drive with a beloved friend; it’s sweet, it’s warm, it’s glittering, and it’s heartfelt in a way that urges the listener to reflect on their own treasured moments with friends. On the track, Gia has said:
“It’s the kind of song that you want to blast in your car with the windows rolled down, singing at the top of your lungs with your best friends.”  GIA DARCY

Gia’s talents as a live performer have seen her support for the likes of Karise Eden, Azure, Sarah Yagki, Lolita Mae and Crocodylus, and performed at iconic inaugural showcase SXSW Sydney. With 2.7 million views on YouTube shorts, over 575K all time streams on Spotify, and upward of 33.5K followers across socials (Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube), Gia Darcy is well on her way to winning the hearts of pop-lovers across Australia and beyond.
‘Next Life’ is out on all platforms Wednesday April 24th.