meet the bees: music publicist, adam lindsay

Our hive of music publicists, comedy publicists and digital marketing creatives has grown recently, as we have continued to develop our roster of fantastic clients across the realms of music, comedy and sport!

With a team of music publicists, comedy publicists and music marketing wizards who are passionate about a diverse range of music and artistic projects, beehive is so stoked to be able to work with a wide range of artists, comedians and athletes from Australia and beyond.

Our team of works across Australian music PR, comedy PR and bespoke digital music marketing strategies in different areas of Australia, so we want to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the bees who make the honey!

Today, meet our Buzz Lightyear, Adam Lindsay. A music publicist based in Newcastle, Adam has been working music at different levels: artist, music publicist, music media, for some years now. A musician, podcast host, and now member of our music PR and music marketing team, Adam has been crushing it!

What first sparked your interest in music? Do you remember the first album you bought, the first band you saw perform live?

I mostly have Mum to thank for that! She has great taste and was the reason for a lot of my favourite bands early on. The first album I remember buying with my pocket money was Vulture St. by Powderfinger, and the first gig was Them Crooked Vultures at the Hordern Pavilion (heaps of vulture action happening here!) 

You’ve played in bands and have also worked in the music media space as a podcast host, now in music PR… what have you learned about the relationship between artists and the industry, now you’ve worked in a number of different roles?

Musicians are all nerds! Even the really famous ones are just big music fans deep down, and usually have a pretty big distrust for the industry. When I’ve either interviewed bands through the pod or worked with them on music PR, sharing my own music nerdiness seems to help us find common ground.

You’ve also worked with a number of comedy clients too – can you tell us a particular highlight of these campaigns?

We ran a phone block with Maria Bamford the other day, and one of the interviewers was having some technical difficulties so I ended up chatting to Maria for about 20 minutes and I don’t think I stopped laughing – that was very cool!

Working with Amy Hetherington earlier in the year was amazing too, Amy is so open to anything you throw at her and super dedicated to her work which makes our job very easy!

Over the course of music PR campaigns you’ve worked so far, whose music have you discovered that you became a diehard fan of from the jump?

Although I do have a bit of bias – I truly believe Lush Life by The Belair Lip Bombs was the best Australian album released last year. Maisie’s vocals on that are unbelievable and so unique, and every song just hits. I reckon I’ve listened to it front to back at least once a week since I was sent over the streaming link, about a year ago – can’t wait to see what those guys do next!

What is one misconception you had about PR before you began working in it, and what is exciting you about the year ahead?

I had no idea how much influence the publicist has on some of the pieces you read! I remember playing in bands and our publicist would ask us to do these specific content pieces for websites and I always thought that was coming from whoever was posting it. You get to be a lot more creative in the way you strategise a release campaign – that’s definitely a part of the job I really love.

Starting with beehive last year was amazing but daunting – definitely a trial by fire early on, so this year I’m just excited to attack things with more confidence, and really try to work on my relationships within the industry. 

Finally, who are you listening to at the moment – what new artist can you put people on to and why?

I’ve been listening to a band called Higher Power from the UK a lot recently – great blend of hardcore and more melodic stuff, very good inspo for my own band! Everyone should listen to lamphead – they’re from Newy (of course), and they mix some seriously technical math rock with surfy/indie vocals. Kind of like if Chon and Dear Seattle had a baby – really great stuff!