Enigmatic future-pop artist Joey Sachi returns with single ‘Reverie’

After making an impressive debut in 2023 with her track ‘Fractured’, Tokyo-based Australian artist and songwriter Joey Sachi returns with another slice of dynamic music in her new single, ‘Reverie’.

A fitting step forward for the musician, ‘Reverie’ sees Sachi flourish as a natural collaborator, teaming up with UK producer Affelaye, to bring ‘Reverie’ together.

Recorded between Tokyo and Sydney and produced in the UK, ‘Reverie’ has the same essence of vulnerability and insight that ‘Fractured’ had, but the maturity behind the arrangement coupled with Affelaye’s striking execution has aided Sachi’s continued growth as a musician and storyteller.

The song, the first collaboration between Sachi and Affelaye, was a bucket list opportunity for Sachi. As she describes, ‘Reverie’ has added significance because of the creative dynamic it birthed between the duo.

“Collaborating with Affelaye was a real ‘pinch me’ moment as an artist. I have been a longtime admirer of his music -he was one of the first artists who sparked my deep love of electronic music. His attention to detail and the way he has carved out a distinct sound for himself is nothing short of impressive. He is immensely talented. Reverie came together quite quickly! The process was seamless, we immediately aligned creatively. I’m so proud of what we have created together. Affelaye was a dream to work with.JOEY SACHI

Developing her love for music and creativity off a base of musical influences that is far ranging, Sachi’s music vision comes from a background in classical music, and a love for artists including Jamie xxDaniel Caesar and Sabrina Claudio. As such, Sachi’s original material is textured and diverse in its sonic influences; ‘Reverie’ is another beautiful example of the direction she is continuing to head in.