Adelaide’s Molly Rocket returns with new single ‘God Damn’

After enjoying a big year of releases and touring in 2023, Adelaide indie group MOLLY ROCKET return primed for another defining year of creativity; kicking things off with their new single, ‘GOD DAMN’. The track is an example of the trio’s consistency as songwriters and, as a band, their dynamic and chemistry as performers has only gotten stronger.

Recorded at Melbourne’s Wrangler Studios, the band worked with Tim Maxwell (LOSER) in engineering and final mastering. The result: a track that punches with personality and urgency, two elements key to the Molly Rocket overall vibe.

“‘God Damn’ was born during a regular rehearsal/practice, Georgie began playing the hooky opening guitar line and soon enough Ben placed chords behind it and Joseph came in with the tough and prominent drums that carries the song throughout.

Structurally, we kept the song simple much like most pop and rock songs of today as not to overcomplicate it and to keep it short but strong, with only two verses, three choruses and a bridge. Lyrics were written at a later date after the instrumental and melody were established in the initial practice In the studio recording the song we followed the advice of our producer Tim Maxwell, who insisted we add lyrics to the bridge and end the song in another chorus, these changes along with his quality of production and selection of tones took the song to a level we didn’t see possible.


Accompanying the ‘God Damn’ release, is a chaotic and nostalgia influenced video, shot by Dan and Aston from iconic Adelaide band TOWNS. A tongue-in-cheek shoot finds the band “robbing” a house, with the indifferent residents not fussed that they are there.

“We wanted the music video for God Damn to be saturated, chaotic and as fun as a music video can be, something straight out of the early 2000s. We conjured the idea for the video to be one continuous shot a while back, then Dan and Aston from TOWNS added some story to the idea to add a bit of flow, the idea of robbing a house while all the residents didn’t think twice about it worked super well with the unserious style of video we were wanting. The shoot was super easy going and Dan and Aston were super cool to work with too, working with them really allowed us to bounce new and different ideas off each other throughout the day, also the fact we shot the video with all our closest friends made it really fun and memorable too!!!”