meet the bees: music publicist, bianca giunta

Our hive of music publicists, comedy publicists and digital marketing creatives has grown recently, as we have continued to develop our roster of fantastic clients across the realms of music, comedy and sport!

With a team of music publicists, comedy publicists and marketing wizards who are passionate about a diverse range of music and artistic projects, beehive is so stoked to be able to work with a wide range of artists, comedians and athletes from Australia and beyond.

Our team of works across music PR, comedy PR and bespoke digital marketing strategies in different areas of Australia, so we want to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the bees who make the honey!

Today, meet our Million Dollar Bay-Bee, Bianca Giunta. A music publicist based in Melbourne, Bianca joined beehive in 2023 and has been bringing her unfiltered passion for live music to every campaign she has put her touch to.

What first sparked your interest in music – do you remember the first album you bought, the first band you saw perform live?

Oo so many things! All of my earliest memories are of music; listening to mix CDs in the car with my dad, dancing to ‘My Sharona’ on vinyl with my family in our living room, seeing the video for Split Enz ‘I Got You’ on rage and being fascinated by it.

I can’t remember exactly what would’ve been the first album I bought for myself, but my first ever concert was Guy Sebastian at Rod Laver Arena. My second was Thirsty Merc at Hornsby RSL– how good is a bit of variety hah.

Tell us about what you were doing before you joined beehive, what were you studying, and what made you interested in music PR?

When I joined beehive late last year I was just about finishing up my arts degree majoring in creative writing. I was working in retail at the time and feeling for a while like I needed to try something new, and something more creative and aligned with my interests.

I had just tried my hand at writing a music review for the first time when a good friend suggested that beehive would be a good fit for me. I didn’t know anything about PR or this side of the music industry at all, but I was hungry to learn everything I possibly could– and I’m so grateful for the loads of stuff that I’ve already learnt so far!

You live in Melbourne and are an avid live music fan; what do you enjoy the most about going to shows in this city? Do you have a favourite venue or local music spot?

With the disclaimer that it’s a feeling I never quite know how to put into words: I think there’s just something magical about live music, and about gigs in this city in particular. We have a history so rich, from the thousands of years of song and story in first nations cultures; all the way up to just the past few decades, with the unbelievable art this city yields to this day.

We’ve had so many champions of the industry advocating for the power of music and art here on this land for so long, and I think it’s created something so beautiful and so palpable when you step into any live venue here. As for specific places, I really love the Northcote Social Club; free gigs on Mondays are a ripper. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the Forum too though!

You have been able to develop and deliver some pretty great music PR campaigns in such a short period of time – what is your favourite part about being a music publicist?

Thank you – I am learning from the best! My favourite part has absolutely been getting to have those lovely little moments of connection with the people you work with – coworkers, artists, industry folks – where you remember just how much you love this scene.

I get so caught up in the rush sometimes, that now and then when I have just a little moment, like a shared love for a certain artist with someone, or a similar memory or experience of the music scene, it’s such a powerful feeling that it makes me feel at home in the chaos, and reminded of why we all do it.

Has there been a highlight campaign for you so far (if so, why)?

I recently got to go and meet up with one of my campaign artists for the first time and to go along to their set in Melbourne while they were touring! Funnily enough it was an international band – Mainland Break from Denver, Colorado.

It was special to get to connect with the people whose music I’d been working with for the months leading up to it, and I was lucky enough to find that they were such kind and genuine people as well as just talented musicians.

Just like that you have new friends on the other side of the world. I look forward to meeting so many more lovely people who are here to do what they love!

Finally, who are you listening to at the moment – what new artist can you put people on to and why?

Ah I never know how to pick just one. High on my rotation lately has been ‘Closer’ by Jacqui Lumsden, ‘Blowing Kisses From The Airlock’ by Benjamin Stewart, and ‘Oat Milk’ by Harris.