Blick Bassy teams up with Australia’s Ry X on immersive new track ‘Mbondi’

Today marks the return of France-based Cameroonian singer-songwriter Blick Bassy who has just released his collaborative single with Australian artist Ry X titled ‘Mbondi’. Translating to ‘flower’ in the Bassa language, this track represents a significant milestone as the first joint effort between these two remarkable talents. ‘Mbondi’ will be added to the deluxe edition of Bassy’s recent album, ‘Madíbá’, when it is released in May this year as ‘Madíbá’ ni Mbondi’ (‘Water and Flower’).

Mbondi’ invites listeners on a captivating musical journey, where soulful vocals intertwine with contemporary synths to create a mesmerising auditory landscape filled with rich textures and soothing melodies. 

I have always claimed my status as an African musician, but also the contemporary aspect of my approach. In African musical culture, there is unfortunately little of this type of work on the sound itself, on the exploration of new techniques. I would like to position myself as an African avant-garde artist who, with each of his new projects, offers new ideas in the treatment of sound and melody.

As the latest artistic offering from Blick, ‘Madíbá’ ni Mbondi’, not only delves into innovative sound techniques but also addresses pressing environmental issues across Africa. Like most of his work, this project underscores Blick’s deep connection to the continent and highlights the critical need to conserve its natural resources.

In a previous expression of his connection to country, we saw Blick take the stage in Western Australia for Perth Festival 2023 where he told the story of tomorrow’s Africa through a dance-tale titled Bikutsi 3000. The artist went on to talk about this story on the ABC in February of last year.

 Prior to collaborating on ‘Mbondi’, Ry X established himself by working with electronic artists such as Ame (Howling) and Adam Freeland (The Acid). The Australian-born artist has gone on to realise huge global success through featuring in the Top 40 charts, amassing hundreds of millions of streams and selling out shows across the world. 

Despite his international success, Ry X’s upbringing in the small riverside community of Woodford Island, New South Wales, instilled in him a deep connection with nature. Even now, living in Santa Monica, he continues to draw inspiration from the natural world, seamlessly incorporating its elements into his music.

Water is a deep theme in my work – it’s linked to the emotional realm”

Mbondi’ is a showcase of Bassy’s and Ry X’s ability to seamlessly blend their unique styles with nods to shared influences such as Bon Iver and James Blake sprinkled throughout. Produced and composed with Romain Jovion, the ethereal synth arrangement leaves plenty of room for both Bassy’s and Ry X’s soulful voices to work their magic.

Following his recent sold-out performances at Paris’ Cigale and London’s Jazz Café, Blick Bassy is gearing up for his North American tour which begins this month. This tour will feature tracks from the ‘Madíbá’ album, which has already garnered over 500k streams across various platforms, as well as new music that is due to be released with ‘Madíbá’ ni Mbondi’.

Mbondi’ is one of four new tracks that are set to feature on ‘Madíbá’ ni Mbondi’ which will be released on May 17th. Since its initial release, the album has gone on to receive acclaim across the globe for its innovative sound and profound lyricism as it blended the worlds of soul, folk, and electro.