meet the bees: head of pr, dan seymour

Our hive of music publicists, comedy publicists and digital marketing creatives has grown recently, as we have continued to develop our roster of fantastic clients across the realms of music, comedy and sport!

With a team of music publicists, comedy publicists and music marketing wizards who are passionate about a diverse range of music and artistic projects, beehive is so stoked to be able to work with a wide range of artists, comedians and athletes from Australia and beyond.

Our team of works across Australian music PR, comedy PR and bespoke digital music marketing strategies in different areas of Australia, so we want to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the bees who make the honey!

Today, meet our Great Gats-Bee, Dan Seymour. Our Head of PR, Dan is a Brisbane based music publicist, as well as being at the helm of many successful comedy campaigns! Dan is also a talented musician, bringing the artist’s perspective to each project he is working on.

Tell us a bit about yourself – where did your love for music begin?

My love for music stems waaaay back to when I was 10 years old and got the PS2 game Singstar Party. My sister and I played that game to death – it had all the hits; Maroon 5, Pink, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper and Destiny’s Child! From there it was a deep dive into all the music I could get my hands on.

Was there any one particular moment where you realised you wanted to make a career in the music industry?

I’m not sure if it was one particular moment, but I always think back to my teenage excitement (and honestly, my excitement as an adult, haha) about anything music related. I’ve always wanted to be able to play a part in sharing that with the world!

Along with joining beehive as a music publicist, now becoming Head of PR, you’ve also a musician with Waxflower, formerly with Columbus. This would give you two different perspectives, for sure!

It’s been great being on the other side! I’ve really enjoyed it – everyone at Beehive is so wonderful and the media isn’t a big scary giant, just normal people sitting at a desk sipping a coffee, haha. I hope that I can bring my experience as an artist to the team and provide a unique perspective on the campaigns that we’re working on now & into the future!

Music publicity can be a bit overwhelming for those who may not know too much about how it all works. Has there been anything so far you can tell us about dealing with media outlets or working with artists that has stuck out as being interesting/or unexpected?

It’s been so lovely to see how many media outlets & programmers will take the time to listen to a song and provide honest feedback. I’m sure they’re inundated with pitches – so it’s really heartwarming to get a response and know that they’ve taken the time to listen. Always appreciated!

And finally: you’re stuck at the end of the world with only ONE album to see it all out with. What are you taking down with you and why?

Ohh, tough one! I’d have to go with Say Anything’s ‘Is A Real Boy’. Nothing like a dramatised emo-rock opera to make me feel a little better about the end of the world!