Angus Legg releases ‘moving on’ anthem, ‘Drugs With My Friends’

Melbourne’s Angus Legg returns today with a release that marks the beginning of a new era; ‘Drugs With My Friends’ is an upbeat and bittersweet anthem driven by the spirit of moving on from past relationships and heartbreak. Following the release of Angus’ last single ‘Spaceship’, which was released late last year, ‘Drugs With My Friends’ is to be seen as a “continuation” of the previous track, according to Legg:

“‘Spaceship’ is about the sorrow surrounding the earliest stages of my breakup, whilst ‘Drugs With My Friends’ is representative of the genesis of my healing journey. The part where I realised I could begin to be myself again, reclaim my autonomy and freedom, simultaneously learning new things about myself. This is the exciting part of the healing journey with a chaotic counterpart, it can often be emotionally overwhelming and lonely, but mostly it’s playful and expressive.”  ANGUS LEGG

A mid-tempo, uplifting indie pop banger driven by stunning layers of guitar and synth instruments, ‘Drugs With My Friends’ is a testament to Legg’s ever-impressive vocals, which dance effortlessly between low, smooth tones throughout verses, and massive belting notes in each chorus.

Lyrically, the track speaks to the cathartic freedom of learning how to move on from a past relationship, and the bittersweet nature of healing from heartbreak, finding and reclaiming joy in the aftermath. Legg leans into the messiness of this process, allowing for ugly, unpleasant or questionable realities to surface alongside the more joyous parts: “The title of the record is deliberately jarring, because this part of the process is incredibly jarring and uncomfortable, thematically I want the track to represent that nature.

‘Drugs With My Friends’ is anthemic for those reclaiming their identity after having lost who they are due to the toxicity of a previous relationship, it’s fun, it’s uplifting, it’s mildly debaucherous and I want people to scream it at the top of their lungs.”  ANGUS LEGG