Beans take us to the clouds with new single ‘Dreaming Daisy’

Geelong’s five-piece Beans have just released their new single, ‘Dreaming Daisy’, a garage-psych tune buzzing with distorted guitars and jangly synth keys. ‘Dreaming Daisy’ will be the final single released ahead of their long-awaited third album ‘Boots N Cats’, out March 15th.
Rich with echoing vocals that intertwine seamlessly with the song’s gorgeously fuzzy guitar riffs, ‘Dreaming Daisy’ creates a colourful yet lulling, dream-like soundscape beyond worthy of its title.

Upon each verse, the song leans more towards a gentle 70s psych-pop style, bringing synthy keys and Blach’s soothing voice to centre-stage. When each chorus hits, however, it is the gritty yet warm guitar distortion that becomes the heart of the tune, tying together each layer of instrumental to an exceptionally grand and harmonious effect.
Thematically speaking, the track “is basically about being an airhead/alcoholism, and the way addiction can work, speaking on differential sides,” according to frontman Matt Blach. “It’s about people wanting to live their life to prove right to others or their parents rather than themselves.” It is, at its core, a song for “the devil on ya shoulder.”

Mixed and mastered by John Lee (The Murlocs, Sunfruits, Mod Con, The Stroppies), the track tells of a character named Daisy, “who is feeling like she is lost and worried, and is digging herself a deeper hole or situation.

Daisy seems to float — characteristic of the song’s sonic qualities as well as its protagonist’s nature — unable to tether herself to anything she really believes in. She turns, subsequently, to anything she can find for release and comfort. The song is written, according to Blach, “to be received from various points of view or perceptions,” hence; ‘Her father seems to worry / When she comes to she’s sorry.’