Grids & Dots drop shimmery new track, ‘Imposter Friends’ and announce upcoming EP

Sydney indie synth-rock outfit Grids & Dots have just released their latest single; a shimmery track titled ‘Imposter Friends.’ A song about the perils and heartbreak of putting on your rose coloured glasses time and time again, despite being hurt by the people and the world around you, ‘Imposter Friends’ has “a little melancholy kept inside the sparkling energy and upbeat tempo of the song,” according to the band:
“This is a song about misplaced trust in people, and maybe just having too much faith in the world and  everyone around you having the same good intentions that you do. And then making the same mistake all over again with the next person.”  GRIDS & DOTS
Sonically, the single is glittering and synth-soaked, lined with stunning harmonies from vocalists Carmen Minikus and Daniel Handaru. In a way that can only be described as warm and glowing, Grids & Dots have managed to capture something so gorgeous, and yet incredibly sorrowful, on this track, showcasing their incredible talent for playing with light and shade in their music. ‘Imposter Friends’ dips into the pools of 80s new wave and synth-pop, all while maintaining its own modern Australian indie sensibilities, reminiscent of artists like Brisbane’s Last Dinosaurs.

The track arrives alongside a music video that is vibrant, joyful, and wonderfully well-matched to the 80s/new wave synth aspect of the song itself.

Featuring a montage of clips of the band playing their respective instruments, singing to the camera, and simply having fun together in their backyard, the music video is layered with colourful animations, blending reality with fantasy. Multi-coloured squiggles and green-screen effects dance their way around the scene, creating an overall aesthetic which feels beautifully nostalgic and playful all at once.

“The video was filmed one blisteringly hot summer day in January mostly in our backyard, being directed, filmed and produced by Claire Simpson. It was a really fun day filled with sing-alongs, silly poses and general mirth.”  GRIDS & DOTS

Recorded along with a handful of other songs at Hercules Street Studios in 2022, the track was mixed and mastered by Wayne Connolly (Boy & Bear, Babe Rainbow, Paul Dempsey, Underground Lovers), and arrives ahead of an upcoming EP set to be released by the band in the near future:

“‘Imposter Friends’ was recorded in a set of 4 songs in 2022 at Hercules St Studios, before we took a long break for some personal reasons. We excitedly came back to these songs and mixed and mastered them late last year and into early this year. These songs will make up a new EP ‘Found You On The Weekend.’”  GRIDS & DOTS