Brixton Alley teams up with Boofheads on ‘Young Dreamers’

It’s a perfect fusion of music, attitude and confidence when Brisbane’s Brixton Alley and Boofheads get together!

The two groups made things official when they joined forces in the studio after some years spent jamming and hanging out – the final result of these sessions arriving in their killer new single, ‘Young Dreamers’.

Put simply, ‘Young Dreamers’ is “a f**k you to anyone who has told you that you’ll never amount to anything”; a musically triumphant track that highlights the strength of each group, but moreover, shows just how easy their dynamic is as collaborators and supporters of one another. 

Recording with Brock Weston (Bugs), both Brixton Alley and Boofheads were working in tandem with one another from the ground up. Highlighting the obstacles that many in creative industries across the board face from time to time, ‘Young Dreamers’ is a great acknowledgement of resilience and perseverance. 

“We’ve been mates and have been jamming together for a couple of years and the song seemed to come about organically – starting with a song idea that Jonny from Brixton Alley had which he then took to Chris from Boofheads who wrote a second verse and both bands then collectively made it the complete track it is now.” 

It’s been a solid few years for both bands, with 2024 looking to be busy for both Brixton Alley and Boofheads. For the Brisbane duo, their reputation as a strong live unit has been growing as their reputation locally has been bolstered courtesy of performances at events like the Yowie Festival, and supporting the likes of Midriff and The Butlers.

And for Brixton Alley, their presence as an East Coast breath of fresh air in the rock space has solidified after a snap decision to hop on a plane to Australia in January 2020 wound up grounding the UK originals in Melbourne at the start of the pandemic. But from there, music and artistry was born again in their adopted home, culminating in the praised debut EP 303

Cutting their teeth supporting the likes of DZ DeathraysDune RatsThe Terrys and more, Brixton Alley have fast become some of Brisbane music’s favourite sons. Stay tuned for more news from the touring front, you’ll be seeing them sooner rather than later!