Anthony Locascio announces nationwide ‘Pappou’ tour

Australian comedy favourite Anthony Locascio is ready to get back on the road with a brand new show this year and this time, family is front and centre more than before!

With PAPPOU, Locascio will tell the story of his grandfather – a journey of unique motivation and perseverance – juxtaposed with the journey of his own life and the changing perceptions of what it meant to be “a man” in his pappou’s day, compared to now.

For Pappou, the story starts with Locascio’s grandfather’s immigration to Australia from Greece in the 1950s, following a dream to become the top goalkeeper in Australian soccer. As Locascio describes, “This was a dream he achieved, but that was quickly snatched from him when his fist had a chance encounter with a referee.”

Produced by fellow comedian and friend Michelle AzevedoPappou is the result of Locascio’s observations and thoughts of surrounding themes of racism in Australia, corruption in football, the pressure of settling down, starting a family…themes that in their own ways, have related back to his grandfather’s journey.

“These are all factors which contributed to the downfall of Pappou’s dream, and they are now also challenges I face in chasing mine. When Pappou got sick I felt very compelled to tell his story somehow – he’s an amazing character with a very specific immigration story, but one which relates to any immigrant’s story too.

The show will juxtapose this with my life, and how, despite him wanting me to be a doctor, I feel I am honouring my grandfather’s legacy by pursuing my dream of stand-up comedy. The show will also discuss the differences in terms of what it meant to ‘be a man’ in the 1950s, compared to now. It is a love letter of sorts to my grandfather, who has been a huge influence on my life, and who is very sick right now.”


A beautiful and funny love letter to such a significant person in Locascio’s life, Pappou is set to come to stages in clubs around the country as the 2024 comedy festival season kicks off in Adelaide this March. It marks an exciting return from Anthony Locascio, who has been a constant favourite on the circuit over the last few years, enjoying successful runs at the Sydney Comedy FestivalAdelaide Fringe Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and hand picked for Sydney and Perth Comedy Galas, as well as mainstay over the past few years at Perth Comedy Festival.


Tuesday 5 March – Sunday 10 March Rhino Room (Alley Cat) Adelaide
Wednesday 27 March – Wednesday 10 April 
Bard’s Apothecary Melbourne
Wednesday 8 May – Thursday 9 May 
Manning Bar Sydney
Friday 17 May – Saturday 18 May 
Regal Chorus Room Perth
Thursday 23 May – Sunday 26 May 
The Powerhouse Brisbane