Sydney’s Pastures return for 2023 with new single, ‘Sweet Desires’

Having established buzz around their initial releases, from 2020 ‘till now, Sydney’s Pastures have re-emerged in 2023 ready to kick things up another level and show their proven evolution, with new single ‘Sweet Desires’

Their first single for the year, ‘Sweet Desires’ is the lead single taken from the forthcoming debut EP from Pastures, due out later this year.

A bright and textured track, ‘Sweet Desires’ mixes beauty with melancholy; Pastures detailing the nuances and complexity of life being lived in the moment.

For ‘Sweet Desires’, the indie five-piece recorded with fellow musician – and engineer – Oscar Saran (Coconut Cream) at his Sydney studio. With Saran on engineering and mixing, Pastures were in good hands when it came to achieving the right emotional impact, balanced with a fresh sound. 

The beginnings of ‘Sweet Desires’ was written by vocalist/guitarist Dylan Bender back in 2020, the initial idea coming to him in January of that year.

There’s a lot of emotional territory Pastures traverse on this track; a journey to finding where your place is, in this unpredictable world and life we live.

“‘Sweet Desires’ is about chasing an experience that brought you joy, knowledge, insight and richness in your life to a point of futility – trying to force a feeling you cherish, to little avail. The song articulates the experience of acknowledging these failing attempts and the subsequent feelings of freedom, liberation, and joy that come from realising that these experiences will find you when, and as they should, in good time. The song serves as a call to blissfully surrender to the organic nature of human experience, and the natural ebbs and flows of life.”

The dynamic of Pastures can be felt beautifully across a track like ‘Sweet Desires’, providing an exciting foundation when broadening one’s scope to think about this single in the context of the broader EP.