Sitting Down release their vibe setting track ‘You Don’t Want To Be Alone Anymore’ alongside a playful music video

Newcastle’s own, Sitting Down release their single ‘You Don’t Want To Be Alone Anymore’, a track characterised by their unforgettable alt- psychedelic rock sound, reminiscent of bands such as The Lazy Eyes, King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard and Ocean Alley.

‘You Don’t Want To Be Alone Anymore’ features catchy guitar riffs, dreamy synths, and emotive vocals that are sure to captivate listeners.

“You Don’t Want To Be Alone Anymore (YDWTBAA) explores the feeling of slowly drifting apart in a relationship. It kinda looks at the different attachment styles in a relationship (ie. anxious and avoidant vs romantic and comfortable.)

It aims to explore the duality of these concepts and what it feels like switching between them over time. It was written from the perspective of looking back and seeing how you and your partner are both changing, but you can’t do anything about it.” Josef Milan – Sitting Down

Sitting Down collaborated with Producer and Mixer Gareth Hudson (Amy Vee, Buddy Knox, Briggs and The Beards) bringing to life the track ‘You Don’t Want To Be Alone Anymore’ in their hometown studio, Hazy Cosmic Jive, Newcastle.

“The writing process started on an acoustic guitar and the song started out way more stripped back, it was originally a much sadder and slower song. After taking it to the band, they kind of energised it and made it more upbeat.

Lew’s tone choices and synth sounds paired with Cat’s drumming and Elias’s baseline just injected the song with so much more energy. Plus the whole feel change and the drum fills in the chorus are so epic.” Josef Milan – Sitting Down

For their first release of 2023, Sitting Down are also gifting the world with a music video to accompany this inspiring track. With a fun and tasteful take on the classic tale of heartbreak, the video features a playful and imaginative visual style, with bright colours, and a touch of surrealistic humour.