Circle releases tender single ‘Mac’ from forthcoming EP ‘Coco & Charlie’, out March 23

With a sound awash with the familiarity of a loved one, Circle’s latest single ‘Mac’ is a gentle indie-folk triumph that sets the stage for a moving EP ‘Coco & Charlie’, set for release March 23rd.

Circle’s music is more than just songs. They are memories, emotions, and the tenderness of existence all wrapped up in gentle sonics and charming instrumentation.

Reminiscent of dappled light on a bedroom wall, or a shy exchange over a cup of coffee, Circle shines a soft light on the mundane beauty of existence. Sonically grounded by a thrumming acoustic guitar, a synth dances loftily above Circle’s honey-toned vocals as the image and identity of ‘Mac’ is brought to life.

‘Mac’ is the second taste of forthcoming EP ‘Coco & Charlie’, a collection of songs named, and dedicated, to important people in Circle’s life. While each song paints a different sonic portrait, each is awash with familiarity.

The EP is a floodgate of creativity and personal introspection for Circle, marking an important creative and career milestone.

“Coco and Charlie started as a collection of love songs about the people in my life who’ve made an indelible mark in one way or another. As the material progressed over the course of demos and a natural whittling down process, the songs started to be more like archetypes. With that development came a deeper freedom to expand on the lyrical content and not be too constrained to a corporeal truth about an individual.” Circle

In a similar vein to front runners Stella Donnelly, Angus and Julia Stone and Sufjan Stevens who also toe the line between soft indie and gentle rock, Circle adds his own highly refined take.

Previous releases garnered praise from industry tastemakers Amnplify, Happy Mag, Lilithia Review, AAA Backstage Hear2zen and radio stations FBi, 2SER, 4ZZZ Bay FM, Coast FM, Inner Fm, SYN Media and more.