The Tambourine Girls release new single ‘You Know How To Bring Me Down’, taken from forthcoming album, Different Streets

Ahead of the release of their long-awaited third studio record Different Streets, Sydney’s The Tambourine Girls have released a new track in ‘You Know How To Bring Me Down’, premiered by Backseat Mafia.

The single follows on from January’s ‘Plastic Eyes’ – an emphatic single release that brought the Sydney group back into the spotlight, showcasing the first new music release from the band since the passing of band member Nick Weaver, whose creative impact and spirit has continued to influence the album as a whole.

As the lead single, ‘You Know How To Bring Me Down’ arrives tied up with a litany of emotions. Bittersweet, touching and reverential, the track was a result of one of the hardest parts of the Different Streets recording sessions. As such, it wound up being one of the most arresting moments on Different Streets.

Recorded at Sydney’s Golden Retriever Studios, The Tambourine Girls brought influences from artists like Neil Young, Beck and others into their sessions to bring ‘You Know How To Bring Me Down’ to life.

“[It] was the hardest song for us to record during the sessions for the album. We had tried playing the song a couple of different ways and recorded multiple takes of each version, but it wasn’t feeling right. We were on the verge of giving in and just picking the best of the bunch and moving on, but luckily decided to go and have lunch and take a break.

When we came back we tried it again, out came this open, relaxed groove with expansive space and a prettiness that carried the song perfectly, and it immediately became one of our favourite songs that we’d ever recorded. This song features beautiful lead guitar hooks and soloing by our late band mate Nick Weaver, and it exemplifies what we called his “magic touch”; the way he could elevate a song to a whole different level with a simple little idea that pulls you into the world of the music.” THE TAMBOURINE GIRLS

The release of Different Streets adds to a growing body of work for The Tambourine Girls, starting with the release of their self-titled debut album back in 2016, and then flourishing in 2018 with Waiting For Pleasure.

Across their career, the band has established for themselves a formidable reputation as live performers, supporting the likes of Megan WashingtonDavey Lane and Dustin Tebbutt amongst others. With extensive support for their music across Apple Music and Spotify, as well as triple j and Double J, the return of The Tambourine Girls is one that fans and industry have been waiting for.