Siobhan Cotchin strikes a chord with song of heartbreak & betrayal, ‘When The Curtains Close’

Having rounded out 2022 with 5 x WAM award nominations, picking up 3 of those, alongside BIGSOUND & (upcoming) Laneway Festival appearances, with a debut headline tour across WA and Australia’s east coast, Siobhan Cotchin has returned with tenderness & vulnerability in her initial release for 2023, ‘When The Curtains Close’.

A warm and embracing guitar tone accompanies Siobhan’s vocal performance, aching with unshielded honesty. ‘When The Curtains Close’ is an elegy to a love; noting that one’s true colors have shone through, marking the visceral end of a relationship, even if the heart still loves.
Cotchin continues to shine lyrically, providing prose and storytelling of one far beyond her years. Reaching back to the moment shared with this person, she transports herself and listeners to the instances, when betrayal strikes and the realization dawns that who you’re with, is not the right person for you.
“When The Curtains Close is about not being able to recognise someone you love after their actions show their true colors. It’s about feeling betrayed, thinking you should’ve seen the signs earlier but loving someone so much that you don’t want anything to jeopardize it.”
Siobhan Cotchin

“This song was one that basically wrote itself. I was going through a lot at the time, dealing with realizations about someone I was close with. In order to write the song, I just remembered how it felt to be in the presence of this person and the effect it had on me and others around me. It’s a very visceral song and I get transported back to the time I wrote it every time I sing it.”
Siobhan Cotchin

With 3 WAM awards to her name in 2022, Siobhan Cotchin grabbed a flurry of support in the back-half of 2022, with breakout singles ‘Fill My Cup’ ‘How Does It Feel’. 

Having been highlighted by Apple Music (‘New Music Daily’, ‘Southern Craft’, ‘Country Risers’) & Amazon Music (‘Brand New Music’, ‘Best of The Month’), Siobhan has also felt support with tastemakers triple j Unearthed Double J; winning the Laneway Perth competition, 2023’s first Feature Artist, landing multiple rotation adds & strong reviews on the former, with a rotation addition leading to the 5th most played song on the latter.

Her BIGSOUND performance also grabbed hearts, with positive coverage across WA Today, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times Music Feeds for her 3 stunning performances.
‘When The Curtains Close’ is an emotive and confiding track from Siobhan Cotchin, easing into 2023 with a purpose and vision; a greater body of work to follow for an artist that is growing synonymous across Australia for honest, vulnerable and raw songwriting; of any style.