Soulmaster Madoc Plane hypnotises with new single ‘Soul of the Core’

Known for serving up kaleidoscopic soundscapes heavy on harmonies, synths and groove, W.A.’s Madoc Plane is back with new single ‘Soul of the Core’. His sparkling vocals and dazzling instrumentation come together for a highly polished offering that dabbles between genres of R&B, pop, soul and funk. 

“Lyrically, Soul of the Core explores the idea of someone embracing the feeling of being free and open to have fun on a night out. I’ve definitely had moments in my life where I’ve struggled to relax and have fun, especially when life is busy and stress is hanging around. Being able to give yourself permission to party and let loose is super important. The tune is also about getting others involved and being inclusive of people that you might not usually associate with on a night out.” Madoc Plane

Over the course of 2022, Madoc Plane went from releasing his debut single ‘Lilac in June’ to closing out the year with an expertly crafted debut EP ‘Right Reasons’.

This progression saw the young artist score high praise across leading industry publications such as Music Feeds, AAA Backstage, AU Review, The Music, WAM to name a few, as well as National and local radio support from triple j, JOY FM, RTR FM, triple j Unearthed, 2SER, 4ZZZ and more. From selling-out headline shows to scoring editorial playlisting, it’s clear that his reputation as a strong vocalist and talented songwriter is making waves.

In a sound that sits comfortably between similar musicians Jordan Rakei, Matt Corby and Forest Claudette, Madoc Plane’s polished vocals are easy to love. His honey-soaked vocals and lush lyrics often portray intimate and introspective moments. In ‘Soul of the Core’ he delves into the anxieties of modern life and wades through what holds him back from enjoying a night out. 

While exploring these trappings of anxiety, Madoc Plane remains buoyant, floating above the groove laden drums. Commanding attention with his vocals, he leans into the velveteen timbre of his voice and wraps listeners in a comfort of warm satin and spiced honey.

This new single feels more sparklier than his previous release, as Madoc Plane invites a surprise slick-flow verse from DREA.

“The space and groove in the verses contrasts perfectly with the huge layer of sound demonstrated in the chorus’. The song wouldn’t be anywhere near complete without the incredible vocals from Perth, soul/R&B artist, Drea. Drea demonstrates a seriously slick rap flow in her verse, as well as supplying some smooth vocal adlib lines in the final chorus.” Madoc Plane

‘Soul of the Core’ was recorded at W.A’s premier recording studio Tone City with Production, Mixing and mastering by Sam Ford. Additional writing, production, horns and backing vocals were supplied by Corban Chapple, guitar by Christian Meares and Drums by Joel Dalton. 

Last year Madoc Plane was signed to Sam Fords Independent record label Tony City Records which is home to some of Perth’s most exciting and emerging artists such as DICE, Siobhan Cotchin, Nectar and Supathick.

“I wrote and produced the tune early last year, using samples and synths to create the overall soundscape. As the year progressed and the idea of getting the song recorded was becoming more and more apparent, I decided to collaborate with Blake Weller, Corban Chapple, Christian Meares and local R&B/Pop artist Drea to help build the song into a party hit. Corban Chapple wrote and arranged all the horns in the tune as well as adding a reharmonised third verse, whilst Christian Meares supplied some atmospheric guitar lines. Blake Weller tightened up the production to allow for Drea to lay down a strong and confident rap verse, as well as some vocal adlib throughout the final parts of the song.”Madoc Plane