Ben Stevenson harnesses unconventional grief to create ‘Ratbag’

The death of a loved one is always difficult to process. Grief can throw up many emotions, unanswered questions and curveballs along the way. For Coffs Harbour comedian Ben Stevenson, the loss of his mum (who nicknamed him ‘Ratbag’) was an opportunity to find meaning and alternative perspective to the situation; his slightly skewed life view bringing a unique interpretation, and even humor to the situation. 

‘Ratbag’ sees Stevenson take the darkest point in his life, pairing it with tales, stories & oddities from his childhood, to yank out life, light and absurdity.
Touring Perth’s FRINGE WORLD Festival, Ben Stevenson then takes ‘Ratbag’ to Adelaide Fringe Festival for four nights, before wrapping up the production at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, performing 12 straight nights, allowing audiences throughout to experience the unbridled realness & hilarity.

Expect a rollercoaster of emotions, self-discovery & even the ONE trick that funeral companies DO NOT want you to know!
“This is an incredibly personal show, and the one I am most proud of. One of my favorite parts about comedy is the ability to make fun of the things that hold power over us. Taking such a dark and heavy point in my life and turning it into something so light and fun is my greatest achievement to date.” Ben Stevenson
“I’m so excited to bring my show to Perth, it will be my first time performing in Western Australia! I can’t wait to entertain audiences on the west coast and experience waves coming at me from the complete opposite direction. To perform at one of the largest arts festivals (Adelaide Fringe) in the world is such an exciting career milestone. Additionally, having grown up in Melbourne, I’m so excited to return! I cannot wait to bring this show to the iconic Melbourne International Comedy Festival.” Ben Stevenson


Thursday, February 2nd – The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe – Perth
Friday, February 3rd – The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe – Perth
Saturday, February 4th – The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe – Perth
Wednesday, February 22nd  – Laugh Lounge – Adelaide
Thursday, February 23rd  – Laugh Lounge – Adelaide
Friday, February 24th  – Laugh Lounge – Adelaide
Saturday, February 25th  – Laugh Lounge – Adelaide
Wednesday, March 29th- The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Thursday, March 30th- The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Friday, March 31st- The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Saturday, April 1st – The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Sunday, April 2nd – The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Monday, April 3rd – The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Tuesday, April 4th – The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Wednesday, April 5th – The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Thursday, April 6th – The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Friday, April 7th – The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Saturday, April 8th – The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne
Sunday, April 9th – The Belfry Fitzroy – Melbourne