meadowhip creates alchemy with soulful debut EP ‘Ruckus’

meadowhip is the solo project of singer-songwriter-poet Cara Walkam who – after a major hemorrhagic stroke in 2019 – decided to breathe through the self-doubt rather than let it consume her.

Since then she has pursued creativity in every facet of her life, including making as much music as she can. Her debut EP ‘Ruckus’ navigates this transitional moment of her life and is a soulful, alt-r&b exploration of self, love and life. 

“After several months of intense recovery, I started finding clarity. I took stock of my life and, amongst other things, I realised that I couldn’t ever be truly happy unless I committed fully to living creatively as  a songwriter, performer, recording artist and poet. It’s not an easy commitment – in fact, it’s damn challenging – but I know that the alternative would be intolerable.”meadowhip.

“‘Ruckus’ is a snapshot of some of the phases of my process of evaluating my life. I’m documenting my regrets, my hopes, the things I’m grateful for, the people I love, and the questions I was asking myself at the time.”meadowhip.

Her debut EP, the culmination of 2 years work, is an honest reflection and her most refined offering to date. Fusing introspective and irreverent lyrics with woozy alt-R&B, pop and soul, fans of Solange, Kehlani,H.E.R, and closer to home with Felivand, Liyah Knight and Beckah Amani will find a new favourite in Wollongong-based meadowhip.

The 6-track EP is an expansive collection that centres on gossamer guitar licks, ambient layered vocal textures and shimmering synths. From her silky smooth vocals, expert lyricism and the killer production, meadowhip offers a deeply personal ode to transformation, wrapped in warmth, beauty and gentle magic. 

Opening the EP is ‘Bloom’, setting the stage for meadowhip’s shedding of past self, evoking the stirring from a gentle slumber and the genesis of transformation. From there she delves into her psyche in ‘If I’m Being Honest’ and previously released singles ‘Iconic’ and ‘Am I Broken’. 

The EP then bleeds into focus single ‘Over’ and the curtain closer ‘Sleep’, an ambient soundscape of meadowhip coming to terms with her new commitment to creativity.

“When I wrote these songs, I was writing music and poetry pretty much everyday, and pushing myself to work with different themes and genres, really trying to challenge myself to come up with distinct and self-contained pieces.  But amidst everything I had written in that period, I had a feeling that these six songs  belonged together.  I actually think that they each carry so much more meaning when they’re part of the whole.”meadowhip.

This year has seen meadowhip fulfil her commitment to music with an impressive resume for 2022 alone. She has  performed at The Spiegeltent, Laneways Live Festival, Vivid Palate with Good Pash, North Gong Sunday Sessions with South Summit, To Be Honest Fridays with DENNIS and BIRDEE alongside a number of other shows.

Beyond this her music has received praise from Women in Pop (Australia), CLOUT Magazine (UK), IGGY Magazine (France) and Tinnitist (Canada) and on radio throughout Australia (including on triple j, FBI, 4ZZZ, 2SER and Radio Adelaide) and internationally.

Recorded between The Artist Studio in Sydney and The Offbeat Collective, Ruckus is the collaborative effort of production and mixing from the formidable Chelsea Warner (Liyah Knight, Anieszka, ANGE), Sydney based producer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.

Production on ‘Iconic’ alone by Mark Evich, mixing on ‘If I’m Being Honest’ and ‘Over’ by Nicolas Mendoza (Onefour, Loretta, Pania) and mastering by Kelly Hibbert (J Dilla, Little Dragon, Jordan Rakei).