Charlie Gradon returns with brand new single ‘Black + White’

The return of Sydney singer-songwriter Charlie Gradon is a welcome one, as music fans move through into a summer of new music. His music to date has encompassed a vast range of influences, yet what threads them together is a rich knack for songwriting and individualistic style. 

Today, Gradon releases a brand new single in ‘Black + White’ – an evocative and striking piece of music that reasserts Gradon as a multi-talented artist to watch. 

A song focused on relationships, specifically witnessing the breakdown of a relationship, ‘Black + White’ explores the complexity of intimate connection and the nuance that comes with navigating your way through such an emotional environment.  

Recorded by Gradon and his band out of Liam Judson’s Sonic Funhouse in the Blue Mountains back in April 2021, ‘Black + White’ in its final form comes wrapped up in the dynamism of a group of musicians who are very much in sync – their artistry elevates the key sounds that sit at the core of Gradon’s songwriting style.

“I think we ended up using the first take of the session. I’ll never forget Liam Judson (engineer) swearing loudly seconds after we finished, declaring we had it!”

Along with the release of the single itself, Gradon has also shared the official music video for ‘Black + White’, directed by Tom Stephens. Filmed in Pitt Town, New South Wales, the narrative of the song is captured beautifully on screen. 

“It’s about witnessing your life in a dreamlike state and seeing memories wherever you go.”


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Friday 17th February 2023 The Vanguard Sydney
Saturday 25th February 2023 Shotkickers Melbourne