Kyle Charles Hall releases charming single ‘in love, 23’

The transition from early to mid-20s can be a challenging time – changing friend groups, heightened independence, less time and more commitments.

It can be a daunting, challenging and isolating time where perspectives shift and priorities change. For Adelaide born, Sydney-based Kyle Charles Hall, this transition created a re-centering of self and a grateful recognition of the joy and love that does exist – physicalised in his latest song “in love, 23”.

“In Love, 23 is about a time in my life where I felt incredibly lost (quarter life crisis anyone?). I feel like at this age you really start to notice how precious time is and this song was very much a step towards being more grateful for what I do have and loving the people around me with all I have.” Kyle Charles Hall

A sure to be loved tune amongst gen-z and millennials, the palatable croon and playful visuals are reminiscent of recent global pop stars Dominic Fike, ROLE MODEL and closer to home with KIAN, Hein Cooper and Hauskey

There is a careful DIY feel to the production, from the mix of live-tracking in Kyle’s bedroom and in-studio at Debaser Studio (Andy Lawson). This results in a supremely relatable song that dives into the carefree exploration of adolescence into young-adulthood. From the recording, Andy Lawson (Noah Dillon, Death by Denim) continued to Mix the track with mastering by 301’s Steve Smart (Vance Joy, Casey Chambers, Ocean Alley).

“This was an unusual song for me as I wrote it very stereotypically; edge of the bed, pen and paper and an acoustic guitar kinda vibe. The production I then did played a huge part in getting the song to sound how it does but at the heart of it, it’s very much a singer/ songwriter song. The first chorus of the song was actually live tracked, with me playing and singing it into one mic to sort of keep a little bit of how the song first sounded.” Kyle Charles Hall

Since debuting in 2019, the west-coast singer-songwriter has scored a support slot for Teenage Joans, combined DSP streams of over 260,000+, and support from industry tastemakers triple j and Radio Adelaide. It’s clear his sound is finding a home with Aussie fans across the country.