Nussy dishes up blissful blast of electro-pop ‘Down To Earth’

Melbourne DJ and electronic-pop songstress NUSSY releases her new single ‘Down To Earth’ today. 

The synth-pop track, bright and buoyant, bubbles along over Nussy’s intoxicating and textured vocals whilst channeling the energy of some of Europe’s finest house DJ’s. The production is perfectly balanced to make the song feel warm, hooky and memorable. 

“I wanted it to feel ethereal and almost a bit spacey [I love space!] When I started writing lyrics to the track, it felt so natural to write about connection. I feel like as a creative, we often get viewed like we have our head in the clouds but I liked the idea that even though you might be creative in your experiences, you still have this innate feeling of wanting to be connected to something or someone that makes you feel grounded.”NUSSY

‘Down To Earth’ was produced and mastered by Jack Arentz akaHaxx (Hii Spirits, Kult Kyss) who is a prolific songwriter, producer and mix engineer, working out of Joyluck Studio in Thornbury, Melbourne. Recent years have seen Jack cut his teeth working with artists such as Golden Features and The Presets.

“I started DJing when I was about 16 but stepped away from it a bit to concentrate on my vocals + band work. When I got back into it, I started thinking that I’d love to be able to play my own tracks in my DJ sets so I started getting more into writing house + dance music which is why I wanted to work with Jack [HAXX]. We worked on a few tracks, but ‘Down To Earth’ came so naturally. This was the second track I worked on with Jack. It was just before COVID hit so once we finished recording it, I kind of went into hibernation. I have always had a real soft spot for this track + am so proud of what we put together – I felt like it just had to be shared with the world.” NUSSY

NUSSY has been commanding attention one electrifying live show at a time. As well as a
wealth of hometown shows, she is no stranger to the international scene, having
previously performed at Music Matters [Singapore], Canadian Music Week [Canada] and
Live At Heart [Sweden]. 

NUSSY has also been commissioned to DJ for
Melbourne Music Week and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. In the highly saturated
world of electronica, she stands out from the rest as a true artist with a story to tell.


11 November – Holding Space: The Lussh, Brisbane
10 December – The Nightcat, Melbourne with Royal Drue tickets