The Tullamarines find their voice in reflective new song ‘Said Enough’

“I’ll put on a brave face, I’ll put on a big smile” sings bassist Linda Machin in The Tullamarines’ introspective and reflective new track ‘Said Enough’.

Born from an internal fear of sharing their true feelings, The Tullamarines penned ‘Said Enough’ as an elegy to being the quietest person in the room. Exploring the dysfunctional & lonely internal monologues often arising in those situations, the band work to offer a voice to themselves & those who resonate with their circumstances.

Paired with their emerging signature of heartfelt, yet jangly instrumentation, the Adelaide quartet have continued their streak of excellence. ‘Said Enough’ is only their third single, yet continues their strong emergence as leaders in Australian indie.
In the midst of a writing trip to Sultana Point in South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, the band found that ‘Said Enough’ came together almost instantly.

Guitarist Ben Waltho brought the chord structure to the band over breakfast one morning, with the four of them drafting lyrical ideas for the track, before finishing their coffee & fleshing it out further with their instruments. Once written, the band recorded the track at Forest Rage Studios in the Adelaide Hills, before working with frequent collaborator Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy to finalize the mixing & mastering.

“Sparking from a fear of sharing true feelings with those who are most important and speaking but not feeling heard. This song explores the feeling of always being the quietest person in the room. Whether that be due to louder ones surrounding you or your own inner dialogue battling against you. It can often get in the way of our relationships. The underlying feelings of inadequacy and dysfunction proving too much. Realizing these problems is the easy part, but voicing them can almost feel impossible.”
Angus Purvis, The Tullamarines
“We wrote this one on a writing trip we took up to Sultana Point in January of this year. It was one of those ones that kind of just clicked almost immediately. Ben already had the ending and the chord structure written and he showed it to us quite early in the morning. We all sat over breakfast and wrote our own lyrical ideas before jumping on instruments and jamming it out. I think the chorus came first and from there we built the lyrical and melodic ideas for the rest of the song. A few hours later we had our first version of the song and we were so happy with it. I don’t think a single lyric has changed since that day!”
Angus Purvis, The Tullamarines


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With special guests: Alexander Black & Maisie .B
Friday 18th November The Grace Emily Hotel Adelaide