Molly Rocket release new single ‘Asphalt’

Molly Rocket are built for when moments of raw feeling consume us. They pierce the heart with keen nostalgia and have the ability to strip away modern anxieties with cathartic refrains, fluid guitars and steady drums.

Their latest release ‘Asphalt’ continues the mapping of Molly Rocket’s keen eye for morphing warped and surreal vignettes of 90s nostalgia through a modern lens. In a similar vein to Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, DZ Deathrays and Bad//Dreems, Molly Rocket are the latest alt-rock powerhouses from Adelaide. 

“Asphalt depicts themes of growth, aging, childhood and youthful angst. The first verse opens through the perspective of a child playing in the streets, the only worries they know they describe as not wanting to go home before the street lights come on. This carelessness is juxtaposed in the second verse where its through the perspective of the same person but in their young adult life.

They describe wasting their time drinking and smoking. The lyrics which close the verse; “the world is waiting on me” captures the high pressures that are placed on you when you are no longer a kid. The lyrics in the chorus express that the individual hasn’t felt as good as they do now since they were a child.” Georgie Evans, Molly Rocket

Contrasting the carefree and carelessness of youth with the stark realisation of an unfulfilling adult life “And I haven’t felt this good in years” the refrain takes on a cathartic edge as realisation sets in that the protagonist is past their golden years of youth.

Previous singles have received significant streams across DSP (100k+), editorial playlisting from Local Noise, community radio support from triple j, triple j unearthed, Radio Adelaide, Rebel FM, SYN Media, Three D Radio,  2SER, 2RRR, 4ZZZ, Inner Fm, Coast Fm, & 
Triple Z just to name a few. 

Known for delivering a killer live set, part of the band’s charm comes from their powerful on-stage presence. They seem to stretch and expand every room they play in, their music yearning for a bigger crowd. Their most recent interstate gig saw them play alongside King Stingray for the Jameson House of Rounds. And, at less than a year old, the band has supported notable musicians Polish Club, West Thebarton, Press Club, Ocean Grove, Pacific Avenue, Lazy Ghost, Teenage Joans and Towns.

Recorded at Depict Studios, the track was mixed and mastered by Lachy Pitcher. This latest release from Molly Rocket feels equally as momentous as previous singles ‘Kiss You Dead’, ‘DIVE’, and ‘Methany’. They trade in frenetic blaring noise for a slower pace – not compromising on any of the power, but rather, allowing space to explore their musicality. 

“This was one of the most fluid songs we have written as a band. The gainey sound of the rhythm guitar was inspired by the broken amp that was used while strumming the chords during the writing session of the song. This gave the song that grainy nostalgic feel to it.
Ben Main, Molly Rocket