chloe: the brand unveils plush and synthy dream-pop single ‘left of centre’

With a haunting and an unique voice in tow, chloe: the brand (aka Chloe McMahon) returns in 2022 with a relatable and sentiment laden song ‘Left Of Centre’.

Following their singles ‘Stranger To Me’ and debut ‘Thinking’, the 20 year old Melbourne electronic-pop artist tells the story of being freshly out of a relationship in their emotional new tune.

“Left of Centre” is about really liking someone who isn’t looking for anything serious. The lyric “chewing flavourless gum” is a reference to how I felt at the time. The relationship had lost its sweetness, but I couldn’t spit it out.” 
chloe: the brand 

‘Left Of Centre’ instantly captures the listeners attention with intimate dreamy soundscapes that inject a feeling of dizziness and longing. They write from a place of heartfelt experiences with honest and romantic lyrics ‘I don’t want to do better, be better without you, I just want you” further highlighting their vulnerability as an artist willing to bare their soul. 

chloe: the brand recorded the synth laden track at Ethel House studio in Melbourne with Producer Samuel K Sproull (Eliza & The Delusionals, Japanese Wallpaper).“The recording process was very raw and vulnerable and occasionally interrupted by Sam’s cat.”

Like their contemporaries Eves Karydas and Vera Blue, chloe: the brand performs in their new video with an intoxicating and powerful intelligence that belies their youthful experiences. The video was filmed in Brunswick and directed by fashion and TV director Tiana Koutsis.

chloe: the brand’s debut release “Thinking” was produced by Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, Tones And I, Eves Karydas) and premiered on Triple j’s Home and Hosed’. Both “Thinking” and “Stranger 2 Me” have received positive reviews from Triple j presenters, and have been showcased on Triple j Unearthed’s TOPS program.

Chloe recently supported Drest at his single launch at The Leadbeater Melbourne.