The Deenys rock out in fervent new single ‘Lonely Paradise’, announce launch show

The Deenys music is one you can bellow at the top of your lungs whilst making mates with total strangers. Their sound has a common thread of youthful camaraderie that is balanced with thoughtful and grounded sonics. 

Comparable in sound to current pioneers of the Aussie indie-rock sound such as DMA’s, Skeggs, and Hockey Dad, ‘Lonely Paradise’ is a fresh dose of Aussie excellence for fans looking for a new sound.

‘Lonely Paradise’ sees The Deenys truly step up – showcasing them finding confidence in their sound and having a bit of fun with it. With each member of the band originating from the UK and Ireland, they pull aural influences from the addictive grunge-tinged gloom of UK acts and slightly fuzzed out vocals that herald the sonic strength of powerhouses The Strokes, The Vaccines, and The Wombats.

“Our style of music is undoubtedly influenced by some of the most iconic bands coming out of the UK with the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks and The Smiths to name a few. Between us all, we all bring something different to the table when it comes to making music. Many of our lyrics are written from life experiences we have had ourselves or from us looking at the world around us” The Deenys. 

In ‘Lonely Paradise’ The Deenys shine a light on the unfulfilling and ultimately damaging nature of the expectations and pressures placed on young people. They outline how easy it is to slip into an avoidant lifestyle as a young person, trying to maintain some small semblance of “paradise” through drugs, damaging relationships, unfulfilling goals and a general lack of purpose. This hedonism acts a bandaid to a hollow of life, perfectly summated by the title “Lonely Paradise”.

Recorded at DeBaser Studios, ‘Lonely Paradise’ was mixed by Andy Lawson (Eskimo Joe) and Mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Studio (Ball Park Music). They continue to shrug expectations and instead hone in on their tried-and-true collaborative efforts of song making.

“Most of our music comes from having a bit of fun while we rehearse – whether that be Lloyd or James with a riff, Shane with a bass line or Craig on the skins. From there Drewe’s lyrics join the mix and after a short while the foundation to the next song has been built. Lonely Paradise was no exception to this. James and Lloyd started playing the main riff and the rest just fell into place. The lyrics were something Drewe presented to us in the very early days of The Deenys and we were just waiting for the right type of song to put them with.” The Deenys

More refined and self-assured than ever, The Deenys defiant lyricism, hook-laden vocal melodies and frenetic instrumentation has led them to their latest single ‘Lonely Paradise’,  a cohesive amalgamation of all that makes them great.

The release is accompanied by a launch show on Saturday 10th September at Amplifier bar in Perth. Sharing a stage with local rockers Star Arcana, Residents Club and Alison Parade, judging by their previous live shows, this one will be marked by the electric energy and passionate performance that won’t be one to miss.

“We are extremely excited to get out there and play this one! Lonely Paradise has been a song fans and friends have been requesting to be recorded for some time now and we can’t wait to get it out there for people’s ears – and what a night we have in store for everyone. After the Single Launch for our last single ‘Forever’ we have high expectations of the night and we can’t wait to get out there and put on our best performance to date.”The Deenys


Saturday 10th September Amplifier Bar Perth, WA
with Star Arcana, Residents Club and Alison Parade