HOLLY HEBE releases flirty indie-pop gem PLASTIC CHAIRS

20 year old Melbourne singer-songwriter and producer HOLLY HEBE drops her flirty new single ‘Plastic Chairs’ today. The release marks the first taste of new music in 2022 from Holly who’s love for piano and poetry allows her to pen beautifully personal and enchanting stories through her music. 

‘Plastic Chairs’ will delight fans of the modern indie-chill style of Tulliah and Melbourne’s indie luxe-pop  musician Sannia whom Holly supported on tour last year.

 ‘Plastic Chairs’ documents the trials and tribulations of teenage relationships and the games played to mask insecurities. Her thoughtful storytelling is filled with personal stories and complex ideas that create surreal moments in time.

“Plastic chairs is an ode to grungy backyard teenage parties and the mystery of an unrequited crush. It explains the emotional torment, masked as playfulness and flirting, that comes out of sickly high school relationships where playing games and messing with each others’ heads is confused for love. This song paints of somebody mysterious, eye catching and ultimately playfully toxic sitting in a white monobloc plastic chair” 
Holly Hebe

Holly brings a raw but textured live sound to ‘Plastic Chairs’ producing the track in her own home studio with mastering by Pat Telfer (Mystery Guest).

I began producing it in my bedroom in 2020, I was really inspired by the pop punk movement that was slowly starting to creep back into my playlists, as well as the Australian surf/band scene that has been ever present. I wanted to make something that made people want to dance in a live setting, and since the first gig where I played plastic chairs live, it has always brought this new energy that seems to make people want to move, which I love. I revisited it at the start of this year, recorded some live drums and bass to elevate the mix.” 
 Holly Hebe

 ‘Plastic Chairs’ once again showcases Holly’s quirky tongue-in-cheek lyricism and highlights why at such a young age she’s already collaborated with Olive Amun and YUTO, plus secured triple j unearthed play for her 2021 single, ‘I tried to give you ways to love me’.

“I wrote this song in mid 2020 after connecting with the idea of plastic chairs and how they are often used at parties, bringing people together etc. I feel like they also represent the working-class suburban life and there’s a beauty, mixed with a hint of grunge, in the idea that everybody is familiar with this type of chair and the experiences that evolve around them. It’s a strange metaphor but it feels homely and conditional.”  
Holly Hebe

Holly Hebe will celebrate the release of her new single ‘Plastic Chairs’ at Leadbeater Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne on Friday May 13.