JURASSIC kick the dark times with ferocious riffs & impassioned vocals in ‘CONSIDER’

Heartfelt energy, explosive riffs and lyrics from the soul, Jurassic know how to piece together a rock song with a fierce smack to it.

Blending it together with the frustration of 200+ days in Melbourne’s lockdown, the band have booted down the door with their new single ‘Consider’.

Leaving fans and punters gasping for air,  Jurassic aspires to continue the growth of mosh pits and stage dives at the live shows they’ve grown a notorious reputation for.
Coming together for the first time in a rehearsal room, after so much time cooped indoors, ‘Consider’ was the compilation of each member adding their own element, until the track swelled to mammoth proportions.  Lyrically, front-person Robbie Jamieson belts with anguish and passion.

The lines read similar to a letter to loved ones and a past version of themself – noting how much they truly care, even when it can be difficult to appreciate, when working through negative times.
“Lyrically this was almost like a letter to a loved one or even a past version of myself to take note of how much you might mean to people even if you can’t see it or feel it sometimes. Some of the best people I know have been to hell and back yet still have the biggest hearts and they’ve seen me through some really dark times.

Their mere existence has meant more to me than I could ever explain, so this track is kind of an ode to them. It’s a song inspired by overcoming some really challenging things and coming out the other side with a deeper appreciation and gratitude for life and the amazing beings in it. Robbie Jamieson, Jurassic

Recording out of Hole & Corners Studio in South Melbourne, the band linked up with renowned producer Jon Grace (Dune Rats, Dear Seattle, Kingswood) to turn a rawing jam-room demo into a track that was able to harness the power and energy of Jurassic’s emotional outpour.

Having polished the tracking and mixing, ‘Consider’ was handed off to Samuel Sproull (The Getaway Plan, Eliza & The Delusionals, Towns) to master and make it shine.The band harnesses the energy of their live performance and takes fans “behind the scenes” in the accompanying music video for ‘Consider’.

Directed by Melbourne videographer Brad Martin, the film sees Jurassic hit a smoky, hazy jam room and do what they do best – rip into a song with passion and excitement. Heeding DIY ethics, the band kept it simple and let their work do the talking.