Frantic, urgent & raw, Hot Donnas have constantly beat down the door of the Australian and New Zealand music industry. Thrashing their “juicy brand” of rock ‘n’ roll from Queenstown to Queensland, Nelson to New South Wales, it comes as no surprise that their latest single ‘Fear Me’ brings more heat & fiery riffs than ever. This is Hot Donnas, ready to boil over!
Diving into the studio with Steve Marr at Roundhead Studios (Shihad, BENEE) alongside the support and backing from NZ On Air, Hot Donnas took their chance to take the intensity, professionalism and groove of their tracks to another level. Providing the “sonic punch” that their collective ear-holes had been seeking.

Recorded live, the track was able to retain the energy that makes Hot Donnas a band keeping you on the edge of your seat, concerned that they’ll explode out of your speakers at any moment. Chris Chetland (Lorde, Scribe, Six60) partnered with the band for mastering, adding a crisp edge to the track.

“I think we will all agree that this is the best piece of music we’ve recorded, in large part due to the quality of Roundhead Studios, but also the overall sound. Recording them live as well as really settling into our groove and tone as a group I think that this is definitely the most defining work to date.”
Jacob King, Hot Donnas
“I feel like the songs are diverse and unique but then stay true to the 90’s esque sound that we have leaned on towards the latter stages of our Hot Donnas journey. Being able to record professionally with Steve at Roundhead and getting them mastered by Chris at Kogg Studio has given our songs the sonic punch in the ear holes that we have been seeking. Was a pleasure and privilege to be able to work with both Steve and Chris.”
Mitch Sizemore, Hot Donnas

‘Fear Me’ blisters it’s way through a ferocious and driving chorus. The track drops down into a grooving verse, with Hot Donna’s fraught leader lamenting “I’m starting to wonder, if my punch has the range, to make bleed I wonder”With a wide versatility and musical palette, the band pulled influence from punk rock, mid-2000’s nostalgia and shades of heavy rock, to quickly combine and become one of New Zealand’s most exciting break-out rock acts.
Not ones to sit back, Hot Donnas threw themselves into the production and filming of the psychedelic, hallucinatory music video to drive the chaos even further. With acclaimed creative directors Wade McClelland & Bradon McCaughey aboard, the band’s vision to replicate a wild, fever-dream like state was ultimately realised, Connor Pritchard finishing off the edit to complete the madness.