Bringing in some strong energy, primed for the summer, Naté Vibrations presents his new single‘Hop Out’

The Melbourne based artist has been building his following consistently in recent years, demonstrating his talent as a performer and producer across a variety of collaborations and solo releases but with ‘Hop Out’, Naté Vibrations is kicking off a brand new chapter.

Recorded in his home studio, ‘Hop Out’ is a project Naté Vibrations worked on with co-producer SANI, with IconicBeats on mixing and mastering. Coming up with the beats and concepts during a sojourn out of the city, ‘Hop Out’ came together quickly and organically once he and SANI got in their zone.

“Sometimes I have a hook before I even touch a beat and I spend hours and hours working with my producer to create the music I hear in my head. Other times we just play around and it all happens naturally. This song in particular was an interesting one. We went to some Airbnb for a week and just made, like, 25+ beats.” 

“After I played around with what I thought were my favourite ones from the trip, weeks later I went back into the folder and found this one hiding away.. lmao no one even really remembers making it. But when I rediscovered it, it was magic. I then instantly wrote the lyrics relating to what I was going through at the time and made some tweaks with SANI and the rest is history.”

Having spent the last year and a half in lockdown, Naté Vibrations’ hasn’t let circumstances slow his grind. Constantly creating and seeking inspiration, ‘Hop Out’ is the first of many new ideas Naté Vibrations is coming through with. 

A track that is equally well-fitted for the club as it would be for any party scenario; a kick on vibe that everyone can get around as we look ahead to a summer with more freedoms and gatherings in the pipeline.

“Generally I make music to express myself. Also, so people out there going through similar emotions, have a place to feel safe and time to just properly feel and let their emotions breathe a little! Right now, I’d say the emotion of my music is “feel good” music. Turning bad situations into beautiful moments y’know… but it’s constantly changing.”