Chelsea Warner bares her heart with earnest and luscious new single, ‘It Be Like That’

With honesty and relatability in spades, Chelsea Warner pairs this quality with her renowned sultry, slick production to tug at heartstrings in her new groove ‘It Be Like That’.

“I wish I had more control over what happens in my  life, the yes’s and the no’s, but that’s just the way it goes” sings Warner.

The 20 year old has broken through, with previous singles ‘Drama’ & ‘Not In The Mood’ demanding praise from triple j, NME Australia, Pilerats and more. Back now with a change of pace, Chelsea Warner is ready to show her versatility, slowing it down and exposing her openness in ‘It Be Like That’.
‘It Be Like That’ explores losing a sense of autonomy over your life and wondering whether your decisions impact your future, or if fate has the reins. Ultimately, I try to accept that I might not have as much control over my life as I’d like. Over a slick & jazzy self-produced beat I explore the idea of trying to trust your journey, but really having to convince yourself.”
‘It Be Like That’ was produced solely by the talented Warner with Matt ‘Xiro’ Fioravanti (Kymie, Tasman Keith, Kwame) as mastering engineer. This track gives fans their third taste of Chelsea’s vision for her upcoming EP ‘Drama’, out November 5th.
Nostalgic and warm, the music video for ‘It Be Like That’ pairs beautifully with the tenderness of Warner’s vocal performance and underlying production. Filmed in lockdown, Chelsea stood strong to the challenge of working remotely with director Hebah Ali and editor Sandra Giarta, even roping in her family to help bring the visual to life.

“The video represents a desperate clinging to predictability and control over your life…this song embodies the feeling of being trapped in your hometown and wondering what else lies ahead of you in a seemingly unpredictable future.”
“It was filmed in my family home, so some of my favourite details are things that I just found around the house, like the 3 red candles, teddy bears, cool old books, weird glasses, cups, bowls, flowers from my Mum’s garden and my actual high school graduation sash.”

For fans of alt-R&B acts such as Solange, KAYTRANADA and Milan Ring, Chelsea Warner’s debut EP ‘Drama’ sets her apart in Australia’s expanding R&B scene. The EP features a collection of songs from a young woman evolving from girlhood to a more well rounded brilliant R&B artist in the making.