Ghost Care Unveil Refined sun-kissed EP

Built on a foundation of strong instrumentation and evocative songwriting, Perth indie trio Ghost Care have come through with the release of new EP I’m So Sick Of Being So Happy.

A sprawling 10 track collection of music (with included interludes) is the culmination of the band’s last year spent elevating their presence as a live act, absorbing new creative influences. Pouring all of the above into new sessions out on the West Coast, the band has produced a record that reinforces their status as a leading new force in Perth-bred indie music.

Featuring released singles ‘Kevin Garnett’, ‘Only Friend’ and the new focus banger ‘Shelley Park’, I’m So Sick Of Being So Happy is an insatiable listen. Between the band’s members Beau Torrance, Tanaya Harper and Luke Del Fante, there is a tight artistic dynamic – listening to how each member bounces off one another on this EP is one of its major draw cards. A band that is so in tune with one another translates effortlessly into the music.

‘Shelley Park’ captures the overall feeling of I’m So Sick Of Being So Happy, and is a great intro moment to Ghost Care, for those listeners joining the party for the first time.

The song is really the premise of the EP in terms of theme. I was thinking a lot about that idea of being content in what you do, whether it’s in music or not, and how there’s a constant feeling that you need to keep moving and keep growing, but also a want to be happy with where you’re at.”
Ghost Care, Beau Torrance

Ghost Care worked with producer Dave Parkin (Spacey Jane) at Blackbird Studios on their new EP. They note that his influence on the final version of the EP did not go unnoticed.

He’s a master at what he does and we knew taking this EP to him would mean levelling it up more than we ever could on our own! We took a lot of time experimenting with the sounds we wanted for each part and used a lot more instrumentation compared to our first EP.” 
Ghost Care

The band’s evolution is felt from the onset, the familiarity of a song like ‘Only Friend’ bleeding into ‘IDKY’ and ‘State of Mind’. Powerful indie guitars and rhythms open into some great jams. The I’m So Sick Of Being So Happy EP allows itself to breathe too (no pun intended with ‘Oxygen’), with the pacing making the record perfect for a sweaty live venue as it is for a road trip down the coast. 

This EP is important to us, it holds songs we started with that really formed Ghost Care’s sound as a band, but it also carries with it a few ideas of how we’re changing. We had some of these songs for so long, but the process was actually refreshing because each of these songs changed so much, especially when we got in the studio.”
Ghost Care


Friday, October 29th Mojo’s Fremantle
with Hector Morlet, Man Sandal and Clove (duo)